10 Myths And Facts About Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Diesel exhaust fluid is a thick blackish liquid used to minimize exhaust air pollutants produced by a diesel engine, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, and particulate matter. In short, diesel exhaust fluid reduces the number of pollutants produced by the diesel engine’s combustion process, thus making it more environmentally sound.

Now, why would anyone want to use this particular kind of fluid inside of their engine? The answer is simple. Diesel exhaust systems are typically much more extensive than those that run on other types of machines, and they require a more significant amount of fluid to function correctly. To reduce potential malfunction, you can use an automated fluid dispensing machine which can help ensure that your engine receives consistent volume of fluid. Aside from the extra fluid in the system, the thicker fluid allows for a quieter operation, which means that you won’t hear as much of the exhaust system’s exhaust noise during the normalprocess.

If you’re wondering what type of diesel exhaust fluid you should use in your engine, it would be best to use the proper type for the machine you have, but there are a few exceptions. If the engine you have had a supercharger, or a turbocharger, then you may want to use a higher-pressure version of the fluid. Turbochargers often need high pressures to maximize the amount of airflow into the engine, and they also usually make a lot of noise. These are great options if your supercharger, but you may want to go with standard oil if not.

There’s more to diesel exhaust fluid than you can ever imagine, so get to know and explore more from the infographic we have below!