14 Latest Cars with the Best Safety Features


Renault Clio: It is ahead of more models. Thanks to many types of equipment included as standard (driver and passenger airbag, AEB pedestrian, speed assistance, etc.). Although there is room for improvement in terms of pedestrian protection and safety assistance, it offers excellent protection for the driver and passengers. Here are the picks from

The Audi A1 2020: better on safety aids, the German city car has little to envy the Renault Clio. It also obtains its 5 stars and is still a safe bet in terms of safety;

Ford Puma: slightly behind, the American still displays very good performance. It is also far ahead of the other models.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class: It is the safest car on the market, all categories combined. The small family also borders on perfection when it comes to the protection of adults, the protection of children, and the protection of pedestrians. It must be said that it can count on a very responsive emergency braking and a low bonnet.

Mazda 3: with the best score in its category for driver protection (98%), the Japanese have established itself as a benchmark among small family wagons;

Skoda Scala: slightly behind the Mercedes CLA and the Mazda 3, the Czech remains a nice surprise because of its performance and safety.

BMW 3 Series: Thanks to its robust structures, to say the least, its intelligent safety functions and an ingenious design, the German guarantees a high level of protection for the occupants, both for the driver and the passengers.

The Peugeot: although the test of the tricolor sedan dates back, it tries to stay in the wheel of the BMW 3 Series, in particular thanks to good performance in terms of driver protection.

Subaru Forester: As effective as the Mercedes CLA when it comes to protecting children. With the Eyesight system as standard, including adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assistance. Only its wide front face is worth losing points for the protection of road users.

Volkswagen T-Cross 2020: the small German SUV intends to challenge the domination of the Subaru Forester, in particular thanks to excellent ratings for driver protection.

Mazda CX-30: with the best score in all categories for driver protection, the Japanese would certainly have deserved first place in the ranking. There is no doubt that motorists will remember this when buying a used SUV.

Mercedes GLE: less efficient in terms of driver safety, the German SUV compensates for the protection of passengers.

2020 Audi Q8: behind in terms of safety aids, the German can nevertheless count on imposing stature and on a solid and well-designed structure to offer a high level of safety to the occupants.

Tesla Model X: Its result for driver protection is to be welcomed – with 98%, it is just behind the Mazda CX-30 and Mazda 3 – it crushes the competition for safety aids. It must be said that the American is not joking about its level of protection: minimal risk of overturning thanks to a very low center of gravity, excellent resistance to side impacts, or even Autopilot function to help drive.