2020 Mercedes Benz E-Class: A Base Model Review


It is now the fifth generation of the Mercedes Benz E Class models that are running on the roads. Mercedes acknowledge this model as their major product, that really brought good business for the company. However, at the first glimpse you might find the 2020 Mercedes Benz E Class models to be pretty much sharing the same DNA with that of its siblings the C-Class among the bigger ones or S-Class that aresmaller in size than them. But inside, the story has something new to boast about. It is that, the 2020 model editions of the E-Class series are making a bold statement in stellar technological advancements.

Improvements Done for the 2020 Model Year

One of the sales team members of the Laval Mercedes Benz dealership showroom, confirmed our belief that the 2020 edition of the E-Class models are also bigger in size, so we can expect a roomier cabin this time than the previous model. But things have been improved on the structure as well.High-strength steel and aluminum are used to strengthen its primary structure which will do so without increasing its overall curb weight. The bestselling modelof the entire 2020 year range of E Class , namely the 220d, is the luckiest of all. Mercedes gives it with a new all-alloy four-cylinder diesel engine, replacing the earlier model and is weighing 100kg lesser than that. Another trim named 350d is existing in the lineup already, while other versions are yet to join the crew.

Finally the 2020 year lineup of the Mercedes Benz E Class lineup sees a chart of model variants as follows:

It can be ordered either in the shape of a two-door coupe or as a convertible. You can order the 2020 Mercedes Benz E Class as a four-door sedan as well as a four-door, seven-passenger wagon. But overall there will be four trim levels for each of them, named as E 350, E 450, AMG E 53, and AMG E 63 S.

Smooth and Supple Rides

Mercedes has given the 220d models some major goals in the sphere of performance.They are now being known word wide for the buttery smooth rolling comfort. Everyone who has experienced sitting behind the wheels of a 2020 Mercedes Benz E Class model will invariably acknowledge the ride quality it delivers. It is difficult, if not impossible to match this supple bodied A Class models that display this much body control whenthe car is facing an unpredictable turn.

If we investigate the driving dynamics, there is a lot to get amazed. You can drive the 2020 Mercedes Benz E Class in Drive Pilot mode, which means, the features like adaptive cruise control will start working automatically with the active steering guiding the driver the best way, without faltering any traffic rules.

The steering wheel prompts the driver with a pair of thumb-sized touch-sensitive pads, that will listen to your commands instantaneously. It is an innovative alternative to the age old central rotary controller indeed. All this are there in the base model itself, confirmed the staff members of the Mercedes Benz dealership Laval showroom.