2023 GMC Canyon – What makes it an Ideal Pickup?

2023 GMC Canyon – What makes it an Ideal Pickup?


One of the most powerful and sturdy pickups in the market is the 2023 GMC Canyon. This is why people think it is an ideal truck to buy. So, if you are in the market to purchase a pickup in this segment, you should visit Glenwood GMC dealer. You can opt for a test ride and then get the paperwork done quickly to take home your new pickup. However, for now, just take a look at why people think it is a great pickup.

What makes the 2023 Canyon an Ideal truck?

In short, its towing ability, powerful engine and its performance, improved interior, and more are the reasons for it to be a great truck. So, take a look at these reasons in detail!

  • Towing capacity

This truck can easily tow 7,700 lbs. It is its maximum towing capacity; Elevation, Denali, and AT4 are the ones that can tow that much. However, AT4X can tow only 6,000 lbs and AT4X that are equipped with the Edition1 package can tow 5,500 lbs.

Such towing prowess makes it quite the handy pickup in this category and is one of the reasons why people prefer it over other choices.

  • Powertrain

A pickup truck’s powertrain is the most essential component as it is responsible for its performance along with its ability to tow and more. Each Canyon is equipped with a turbocharged inline-four 2.7-liter engine that produces 310 horses and 430 lb-ft of torque. Also, this engine is mated to an automatic 8-speed transmission. In addition, for this truck, RWD is standard but 4-wheel drive is also available as an option, which is what most experts suggest.

It might be on par with some of the pickups when it comes to its hp but offers more torque than its rivals. Moreover, this vehicle comes with a firm braking system and weighted steering that complements its solid chassis characteristics. Also, it can reach 0-60mph within 6 seconds, which is quite impressive for this pickup.

The RWD Elevation version of Canyon is considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient variants that people can get; it provides 18 mpg in cities and 23 mpg on highways. The four-wheel drive version of this truck will provide people to get 17 mpg in cities and 21 mpg on highways. To gather more info about this powertrain, you can ideally visit Glenwood GMC dealership.

  • 5 trims available for people

Canyon offers 5 trims to people; it starts with Elevation and then comes AT4, 4WD Denali, AT4X, and AT4X Edition1. These are priced at approximately $38,395, $45,395, $52,495, $56,995, and $68,000 respectively. Most people opt for the AT4 or above versions for the best experience. However, people looking to go off-roading quite a bit should AT4X or above models.

These are some of the reasons why people consider this pickup truck to be an ideal option to buy in the modern world. If you want one, then visit a dealership near you and talk to customer support people there. You will be able to check out every detail of this vehicle and even take a test drive before buying it.