5 Great Ways to Improve Your Driving Skills


Around 1.35 million people die every year because of road traffic crashes.

That’s why we should all try to be the best drivers we can. That way, we can keep ourselves and the people around us safe.

That’s why we’ve put together 5 great ways to improve your driving skills. Keep reading to find out what you can do.

  1. Take Lessons 

It’s never too late to take lessons and improve your driving. Whether you’re learning to drive, you’ve just passed your test or you’ve been driving for years, professional driving lessons can be incredibly important.

A professional driving instructor can increase your confidence, and point out any techniques or driving mistakes that are unhelpful or dangerous. They can then help you to refine your skills and keep you safe on the road.

Driving lessons can also prepare you for any unusual situations. This can help if you meet any unsafe drivers on the road.

You can take different types of lessons depending on what would be most helpful to you. Some examples are traditional driving lessons, refresher courses, or a reckless driving class. It completely depends on what you feel you need and would benefit from.

  1. Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Your vehicle is a powerful machine, so you need to make sure it’s running correctly. Otherwise, car problems can cause road accidents.

There are some things that you can regularly do for yourself. This can include checking your tire pressure, refilling your oil and water, and keeping your windshields clear.

But some more specialist things should be checked. This can include your brakes, steering, and engine. It’s best to have your vehicle regularly serviced, where a mechanic can check it is working safely.

  1. Stay Focused

When you’re driving, it’s important to stay focused on the road ahead. Be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards. That way, you can keep yourself, any passengers, and other people on or around the road safe.

Don’t look at your cell phone while you’re driving. Texting while you drive slows down your reaction times, meaning that you’re twice as likely to crash than when you’re drink driving.

If you need to eat or drink, it’s best to pull over somewhere safe rather than trying to do it while you’re driving. Make sure that the passengers in your vehicle aren’t distracting you, as well as any music or sounds in the vehicle.

By eliminating distractions, you’re more able to focus on the road in front of you. This will keep everyone safer as you travel.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

It’s recommended that adults get at least 7 hours of sleep; 1 in 3 adults aren’t getting enough. But why is it dangerous to drive if you haven’t slept enough?

A tired driver has slower reaction times and can find it more difficult to make decisions. A driver who has been awake for 18 hours has the same visual, motor, and cognitive impairments as someone with a 0.05 blood alcohol level. That’s very close to the legal limit of 0.08.

A tired driver can also fall asleep for a couple of seconds, known as micro-sleeping. This is enough time to cause a dangerous or fatal crash.

That’s why it’s important to only drive when you’ve had enough sleep. If you’re driving and you’re feeling tired, pull over and take a break.

  1. Stick to Road Limits 

Road signs and speed limits are there to help you. By following the road limits, you’re able to control your car safely.

However speeding, aggressive, and dangerous driving are still common. Studies have shown that two-thirds of vehicles exceed the speed limit. In 2018, speeding killed over 9,000 people in the US.

Road signs and speed limits are there for a reason. Driving to the speed limit, following road instructions, and wearing your seatbelt will keep you – and those around you – safe.

Improve Your Driving Skills 

Driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility. Try out some of these ways to improve your driving skills. That way, you’ll become a better driving and keep yourself – and people around you – safe.