6 Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars
Ceramic Coating

6 Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars.


Ceramic coating is a type of protective paint that can be applied to your car’s exterior and provide it with extra protection from the elements. Here are 6 benefits of ceramic coating.

1. Protects Your Paint

Ceramic coatings provide a protective barrier from the sun’s UV rays and help prevent paint fade. A recent study on ceramic-coated cars found that after 3 years, none had any oxidation or paint damage. This is in contrast with the unprotected vehicles, which all showed signs of paint degeneration, fading, cracking and even some rusting. The protected vehicles were still shiny and looked like they had just come out of the showroom.

2. Extreme Heat Protection

Ceramic coatings provide extreme heat protection- protecting your engine from overheating and potentially catching on fire! A study was conducted with a thermography camera (heat sensor) to see the difference in the temperature of a ceramic-coated car vs. an unprotected car sitting in the hot sun for hours. The results showed that the ceramic coated car was cool to the touch after sitting in 110-degree Fahrenheit (43º Celsius) heat for 8 hours, while the unprotected car was extremely hot to the touch and could cause severe burns.

3. Super Easy to Apply

One of the advantages of ceramic coating is it is super easy to apply and can be done by anyone in the comfort of their own garage. The average ceramic coating application takes only about 1-2 hours! Like waxing a car, all you need is a quality product, an applicator (pad) and some elbow grease.

4. Glossy Appearance

Ceramic coatings give the car a wet appearance and look great! The shine is so mesmerizing that it will draw crowds at every stop you make! Consumers love to look at shiny cars and are more likely to buy once they see them with a great shine. A Car Protective Film Atlanta thus not only protects your vehicle from scratches but also provides a glossy finish look.

5. Ceramic Coating Lasts for 3+ Years with Just a Wash and Wax!

Ceramic coatings last about 3 years, sometimes even longer if you wash & wax your car regularly (about every 2-3 months). After the warranty period ends, it is possible to re-apply the ceramic coating to keep the shine.

6. Provide a 2-Year Warranty!

Ceramic coating companies in Atlanta that sell their products to auto detailers offer a 2 year or 36,000-mile warranty on all of their coatings. This is significantly longer than most warranties offered on vehicles! So if your vehicle is still in good shape after 2 years, you can make a lot of money by selling it to someone else or even keep it for yourself and enjoy the reliable vehicle!

Ceramic coating is an affordable, easy-to-apply and long-lasting solution to protect your car from the elements. There are many benefits of this system that we’ve mentioned in our post today.