car mechanic working

7 questions to ask a car mechanic


Either it is car repair or routine maintenance you will pay a visit to car mechanic regularly. When you visit a car mechanic and a job is done, you need to ask a few questions to get the information from him. Here is a list of crucial questions that you have to ask a car mechanic.

1. What repairs were done previously?

Of course, this is the first and most crucial one. In case you gave it for a repair, make sure that the car is working fine with that particular issue. You have to make sure that you are relieved from that issue which was bothering you earlier. More than that, you will know what to do when you face the same issue again.

2. Can I Check for removed parts?

In case if the mechanic has suggested replacing some parts, then you should insist him to keep the old parts till you reach there. Through this, you can make sure that he has replaced the part. Even though the part is too messy or there is no use in taking it back, just have the habit to check on it.

3. What is the warranty given for services and parts?

Both parts replaced and service will have fixed durability. You should always check on warranties and by this, you can easily estimate the next maintenance. If it is a repair and some part is replaced, you will understand about precautionary measures to be taken in the future.

4. What was the cause behind the problem?

The problem may have aroused because of your driving habits or car model. This is a crucial question since if it is with driving, then you can correct it in the future. If it is with the model, there will be some solution to fix it.

5. How to prevent it?

Always check with him for precautionary measures, should be taken to avoid issues.

6. When is the next routine visit?

If you have visited for routine maintenance, make sure you mark the next visit.

7. Can you please explain the breakups?

This is very important since you will get an estimation of future repairs and maintenance jobs.