812 Superfast: Alex Ojjeh


All he needed was a detox, and Alex Ojjeh went on to amass a collection of automobiles that most people only dream of. But who exactly is Alex Ojjeh? Many people remember him from the 2011 money laundering investigation in which he lost and went to prison for– but made a profit. After all, who gets out, invests in an asset management company and buys out at $40 million?

And that money helped to rationalize the investors lifestyle in certain ways. Many people refer to him as ‘Boss.’ It’s a name he adores, and it appears for a purpose. He’s notorious for being brash and aggressive in his bouts, and he’s no different in the business world. He is both liked and despised in equal measure. He has gained wealth as a result of his business deals and investments and is estimated to be worth $20 million.

Oh! The Ferraris

Alex Ojjeh enjoys visiting Ferruccio’s toughest competitor, the Maranello-based corporation, Ferrari. What a taste for automobiles for this guy!

Following the 2020 bribery deal trial, it appears Ojjeh will not accept the reality that the spotlight has shifted to him. In an attempt to stay away from spotlight, he commented he didn’t care about what anyone thought about him.