A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose ATV Handlebars


Utility ATV handlebars come with taller bars providing enhanced control with less exertion. ATVs have lots of variations when it comes to heights, widths, and sweeps. Trail ATVs fall somewhere between Utility ATVs and Sports ATVs providing enhanced control to the user while sitting or standing. On the other hand, Sports ATVs feature straighter and lower bars that make it simple to shift from side to side while sitting on the saddle. In this article, we have mentioned a comprehensive guide on how to choose an ATV which will provide you with maximum comfort as well as control.

How to make the choice?

While purchasing the ATVs it will be a good idea to take into consideration the mobility needed for the inside arm and the extension of the outside arm. It is imperative for the inside arm to be free and relaxed while making turns in full lock. Moreover, you must not extend the outside arm fully while taking sharp turns since it will make your muscles tired and will reduce control as well. While making turns, make sure to take note of the position of your arm which will signify the type of handlebar that you ought to choose for your machine.


Width happens to be amongst the most vital aspects to take into consideration while selecting the ATV handlebar. It will be a sensible idea to figure out a sweet spot while choosing the proper width. Although it is possible to go up or down to some extent according to your own discretion, it is good to bear in mind that excessively wide ATVs can pressurize your arms and neck while you will feel cramped when using narrow handlebars. It is of prime importance for the bar to correspond with your shoulder for providing you with optimum comfort.


One more aspect that you must consider while going for a handlebar will be the material. Of course, you can go for carbon handlebars, but these are more fragile apart from being more expensive as well. Despite these drawbacks, carbon ATVs are becoming more common at present since they happen to be lightweight as compared to their alloy counterparts. If you are not going to use your machine quite frequently, then it is not justified on your part to go for carbon ATV handlebars.


It is essential to choose the ATV handlebar of the proper diameter since you will suffer from poor fitting if the size is wrong. Here, we like to mention that ATVs are available in various clamp diameters these days for you to choose from. Make sure to verify which one will be appropriate for your vehicle given that the standard diameter sizes happen to be 7/8-inch plus 1-1/8-inch. The latter one will be ideal for you if you would like the idea of spending a long time on the trail riding since it will aid in reducing fatigue to a great extent.

Just like scooter electrical parts, you will also come across ATVs at affordable prices online at present. Just make sure to go to a reliable site and use the guidelines mentioned above for purchasing the best handlebar out there.