A Short Review on the 2022 Honda Insight


The 2022 model year edition of the Honda Insight is going to escalate the lineup status of the hybrid sedans once it hits the dealerships worldwide. It is going to be spotted as a sort the refined versions of its own sibling Honda Civic sedans, but with a jaw-dropping mileage coverage of 52 mpg from a combined trip. That’s the promise Buick has made to its supporters and of course the prospective buyers.

The 2022 Honda Insight will be more frugal than many of its current competitors including some from the Civic lineup. It is most closely compared now to the Toyota Corolla Hybrid as well as the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid. What is equally important to know about this newly refreshed series of hybrid sedans from Honda is its impressive package of safety features that perfectly matches the ambience of the upscale cabin, opined a renowned auto critic at the reputed Albany Honda dealer.

What Comes as New for the Year 2022?

The 2022 model year edition of honda riverdale utah insights can be quoted by many as a pretty expensive model in comparison to its own price tagged just the last year. On the other side, it is seen with a dismay for many that Honda has dropped the base LX model from the 2022 model year lineup for its Insight series and the EX and Touring trim versions continued to be there, but with a slight price increase.

Hence the 2022 model year edition lineup of Honda Insight now offers based on the compact Civic, and upstages the Civic sedan but with a more grown-up attitude, a more refined look both inside and out. It does borrow some of the look of what we see in the latest Accord sedans in terms of design, especially in the front. Around the rear it looks similar to that of the Civic, but in smoother lines and with less cluttered. This uncluttered pattern is followed in the cabin console as well, where the keyword and buttons does not create any visual mess. On the other side, both the upholstery and hard materials used in the cabins of the 2022 Honda Insight models look classy and upscale.

Power Control

Honda engages two-motor hybrid systems in the 2022 model year edition of its Insight series. It uses a 1.5-liter inline-4 gas engine that is capable of making 107 horsepower. The other is the 120-hp making electric motor, that sends powers the front wheels and a clutch to maneuver the wheels.

Inside Comfort and Utility

The interior cabin of the 2022 Honda Insight series is officially counted among the five-seated sedans that allows cargo items worth of 15.1 cubic feet at the trunk which is on the generous side of measurement among the small sedans.

Level of Drive Safety

Both the Federal and independent testers, namely the NHTSA and the IIHS give the 2022 Honda Insight issue a spotless scorecard and rank it with five stars and selected it as a Top Safety Pick+ model for the year 2021, which raises the expectations of the same, for the year 2022 as well, since it will carry driver assist features like automatic emergency braking, active lane control, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition as standard, confirmed the Honda dealer serving Albany.