Illustration by Brittany England

Are You Thinking of Getting a Tune Up? Here Is Why You Definitely Should!       


Your car’s engine is the life of the vehicle. If it’s not adequately serviced and maintained, your auto might fail to function. You can avoid this by scheduling regular tune up. A car tune up is costly, but its benefits are worth it.

Here’s why you should get a tune-up.

  1. Improves functionality of the air filter/valve clearance

A tune up will focus on air filter components. The spark plug wire gap and the valve gap issues will be resolved and reset according to the standards of your car. This is why most car owners engage the  D Wells Auto team to offer professional assistance regarding car repairs and air conditioning services.

  1. Optimized Engine performance

Maintaining your engine performance is very critical. However, as you use your car, its performance will gradually decrease. A tune up will keep the version of your engine and increase its power. Your car engine will be evaluated and checked to ensure everything functions optimally, such as engine oil, transmission oil, etc.

  1. Maintain component performance

In general, a tune up will maintain the performance of the components. It will entail checking all the parts to ensure they are stable and functioning correctly. Driving will become safer and more comfortable.

  1. Avoid further damage

Since it maintains the components of the car engines, a tune up is a sure way to avoid damage. Remember, if you do not notice and repair damaged parts, it will lead to more damage. If you have a feeling that your pieces are not okay, inform a reputable auto company.

  1. Saves maintenance cost

You’ll incur more repair costs if your car components are badly damaged. Also, you will incur regular maintenance costs and work with a poorly functioning engine. One advantage of a tune is minimizing the repairing cost of damaged components because it will be detected promptly.

Moreover, a tune up will help you save on fuel expenses. After a tune-up, you will enjoy optimal fuel efficiency with a clean air filter.

  1. Extend the life of the car

A tune up is a sure way to extend the life of your car. With well-functioning components and an optimally functioning car engine, your vehicle will serve you for more periods. The vehicle will feel new and will have more power. Additionally, tune-up increases its resale value.

  1. Increase comfort while driving

If your car’s condition is good, you will be safe and comfortable to drive. Also, a tune up will decrease the risk of roadside breakdowns, making it reliable. You’ll feel confident in long-distance travel without worrying about being stranded on the road. Therefore, ensure your safety and comfort as a priority and have a tune-up.


Owning a car is an excellent achievement that makes moving around and conducting business more efficient. However, it comes with a responsibility of servicing and maintenance practices to ensure it continues to function optimally. One of the best ways to achieve that is through regular tune-ups. And if you’re considering getting a tune-up, the above points will justify your thoughts.