Car Accidents – A List to Help You Stay Safe on the road

It’s safe to say that cars are an integral part of American culture – they bring convenience, luxury, and speed to daily transportation. However, they may also cause pain and heartache for car crash victims every year. Today, car owners gain several benefits from using dashcams – they help prove your innocence once a crash happens. However, the goal must be car accident prevention. Thus, familiarizing yourself with the causes of car crashes is the key so that you won’t cause one. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes...

How to Choose a Radar Detector

Introduction There are countless models of radar detectors out there. Choosing one can quickly turn into a frustrating process. There are a few things to take into consideration when picking your next radar detector. The first one is the laser detection sensors. One laser sensor can detect laser beams in front of you, but not behind you or off to the sides. For a 360-degree detection, you need a radar detector with two laser sensors. Getting the widest range of detection that you possibly can is very important. You should...
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