Basic Facts in Cruise Control Repair


Cruise control is a feature you get to use in almost every modern car which can best be described as a driver assist feature that also fringes upon the realm of safety. The cruise control is an automatic system in the car that determines the speed of the car, depending upon how near or far is the car ahead, so that you don’t bump on it.

It is a very convenient feature for the driver and also for the braking system, since, one doesn’t have to keep pressing the brakes to maintain a safe distance from the following car. It works the best when during long highway drives. With the help of the cruise control feature you can set up a speed, in which the vehicle will move while maintaining a certain distance from the vehicle that is driving in front of you.

As per the Ames auto repair mechanics, when the cruise control fails, it not only makes driving difficult for the ones who are used to it, but can also be life threatening, if you are not aware of its dysfunctionality. So, here’s a brief account on its failure and servicing.

Causes of Failure

Here are some common causes of the cruise control failure:

FaultySwitch of the Brake Pedal:

The brake pedal switch in a vehicle gets turned on with the brake lights when the brake pedal is pressed. But a vehicle with cruise control system will disengage the brake even if the pedal is been pressed, since the cruise control featurewill be wired to the switch of the brake pedal. So, if the switch of the brake pedal fails, the driving system of the car mightwork the way, if the brakes were engaged and hence not allow the cruise control system to carry out its job.

Faulty Fuse:

The cruise control system uses an electrical circuit in which the fuse is meant to protect the system if it can sense the probability of a short circuit. In such case the fuse might blow off and shut down the cruise control system completely.

Damaged Speed Sensor:

A speed sensor has several functionalities. Its main job is todetermine the safest speed of the vehicle, by regulating the flow of fuel and controlling the ignition timing. In the same context it also operates the cruise control feature. So, when the speed sensor gets damaged, it will stop operating the cruise control. To know if that is the reason, check if the speedometer is working fine.

Why it Needs Immediate Repair

If your car is equipped with cruise control system that is not working fine, it is a red alert for any user. In the modern vehicles, since the cruise control is connected to the main braking system, its damage can lead to fatal accidents due to miscalculated braking, warned the staff of the auto repair service near Ames.  If you notice that the cruise control of your car has stopped working,you must immediately take your car for an urgent repair work, they strongly suggest.