Bike modification: what you need to know?


When it comes to modifying your bike to look good or to maintain high-performance level, every two-wheeler rider irrespective of gender is an enthusiast. Based on its aesthetic value or standard performance, the enthusiasm of the rider settles down. But often they go ahead with modifications without knowing the impact of those modifications on the insurance value of your vehicle. Scooty for women could also be modified according to their convenience. Here are facts that you need to consider before deciding on modifications. Ensure to discuss with the insurer about the impacts and then proceed with the best decision that suits you economically.

Impact of performance modifications

Enhancing the capabilities of your vehicle, the performance modifications can include the addition of fuel-efficient systems or speed capability. Due to accidents and mishaps, the faster speed implies a higher risk. With a higher number of claims, they view performance modifications as high-risk factors for insurers. But it is finally in the hands of the rider and the modifications can be still done as per their wish. But that would affect the premium amount and now the risk on the vehicle has increased a lot so the claim amount could be high. Best 200 cc bikes in India could give you better performance but still, you have to consider some measures while modifying.

Impact of visual modifications

If you are completely changing a new colour to your bike or introducing an exclusive brand look for your bike is up to your prudent efforts to enhance the outer appearance of your bike. The risk can shoot up with the opportunity of your being prey to theft or any other kind of miscreant, with the elevation in aesthetic value. Thus it directly impacts the premium amount on the insurance plan of your bike. The market value of your bike would increase with the greater aesthetic value by causing a turn in the amount of premium proportionally.

Impact of security modifications

The chances of your vehicle that is stolen or damaged are way lesser with the security modifications. You would automatically fall under the category of the low-risk spectrum; if your bike has anti-theft systems get installed. You should be with no precautionary tools when it comes to bike insurance. To encourage these measures, the insurers offer the premium type of discounts at the time of policy purchasing, if you opt for installing devices for pro security. And you can safeguard you and your vehicle from any harm by paying lower premiums.

The right balance and security enhancements 

Some of the regards to consider while modifying the two-wheelers, you should try to maintain the right balance between the performance and aesthetics enhancements. Make sure that the improvements in aesthetics should not hamper the performance of the bike in its long run. Modifying and maintaining a bike might be an expensive affair if you are someone who pays more attention to the aesthetics over the performance of the bike. If you have installed certified security devices on your vehicle then you stand an opportunity to receive a discount on the damage of your two-wheelers premium.

These details are some important measures to consider while modifying your bike, make use of it to have an efficient modification of your bike.