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Buying A Road Legal Quad Bike Using Finance


You can have an immense amount of fun zooming around on a quad bike, but unless you live on a farm or a property with lots of lands, your options may be limited. Many quad bikes are not legal to be ridden on the road, so if you are looking to buy one and will have to drive it to take it off-road, you may wish to consider purchasing a road legal quad bike. If this is an option that you are considering, below are some tips and guidance to help you find road legal quad bike that you can buy on finance.

What Makes A Quad Road Legal?

Many quad bikes are not allowed to be driven on the road as they do not meet the minimum safety standards for vehicles. With road legal quad bikes, they need to have an MOT, taxed, insured, and registered for them to be considered legal to drive on the road. For quads to pass for an MOT, there are also certain things that the quad bike must have for it to be legal. The registration place should be clearly shown so that other road users can see this as you drive, and you will also need indicators on your quad so that you can let road users know where you are going. You will also need to have a full car license to drive a quad bike on the road. You must wear a crash helmet, and you are only allowed to take passengers if your quad bike is designed for more than one person.

Getting A Quad Bike On Finance

There are a lot of people selling quad bikes privately, but if you are looking to get one on finance, then you are going to have to purchase yours from a dealer, and for road legal quad bikes on finance, you can find plenty on the internet. The first thing to do is to find a make and model of quad bike that you like and then look at the different outlets that have these available on finance. You will need to look at the finance agreement of each retailer carefully and look at all the charges and interest rates involved. It may take some basic mathematics, but with some time and effort, you can work out which dealer offers the best deal.

Look For Hidden Costs

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You may find some hidden costs when it comes to purchasing your quad bike, such as the number plate may cost extra with some retailers. If the dealer is not local to you, you will also have to consider delivery or collection. If you are going to be purchasing additional equipment to go with the quad bike, it is worth the time to look at what is available from the dealer where you are going to buy your quad bike and see if they can offer you a deal on everything that you require. If you can get all your safety equipment, helmet, and clothes at the same time, you may be able to get a good deal and strike up a bargain.