Check Out 10 Suggestions To Think About When Selling Your Vehicle


1. Mechanical Condition

An easy way to check mechanical condition will be to conduct a test drive. During a test drive there are many factors to check with some easier than others eg does the vehicle pull to one side, are there any knocking noises when driving over bumps, how’s the braking? By spotting the potential replacement and labour costs involved with detecting such problems early you can factor that into the price.

2. Exterior Condition

The saleability and value of the car will obviously depend on the condition of the exterior. The first observation of a car will be that of the exterior. This could include scuffed wheels (with an average price of £60 per wheel for restoration, with a suggestion of both wheel on the same side to be painted), other factors include scratches, dents, rust, bumps and scraped paintwork. If scratched paintwork is involved, for example, sometimes this requires the whole door to be replaced rather than a quick touching up, with the average price of a door/panel starting from £100. Then we have trims and badges that can start from £100. Visit buy my car site for a more in depth overview.

3. Interior Condition

We see a lot of vehicles with a vast mixture of interior condition, some notable conditions are; a scratched dashboard (which will be reflected in the sale price as it can’t be repaired), torn floor fabrics which are hard to repair, torn seat (with a reupholstered price starting at £75 a section). If the car is in need of a professional interior valet including shampooing seats thanks to eg dog smell, this could cost up to £50.

4. Mileage

Mileage is an important factor in the vehicle retail price; the vehicle loses value the higher the mileage is.

5. Previous Owners

The desirability of the vehicle will descrease as the number of previous owners goes up which will affect the resale price of the vehicle. Being more realistic with a lower vehicle price is the simplest way to deal with this issue.

6. Service History

When considering a high number of previous owners, service history can become a deciding factor; the desirability of vehicles is called into question with little or no service history available. However, if a vehicle has been serviced 5 times, this might simply be the by-product of having 5 previous owners each servicing it when bought, thus making it look artificially well looked after.

7. MOT

{A vehicle with a short MOT will highly affect the ability of a vehicle to be sold and the value|The value and saleability of a vehicle will be highly affected by a short MOT|the ability of a vehicle to be sold at its full value will be high affected if it only has a short MOT). First, we must take in to consideration the price of a test. Starting from £50, anything from brake pads, discs on any of the 4 tyres for example is an unknown risk of what could fail and quickly spiral upwards of £300. To help sell your car and avoid suspicions we suggest sorting out the MOT so that the buyer knows the value for money they’re getting.

8. Specification

There are different models to consider when buying a vehicle; as far as investing in resale value is concerned, a vehicle with better specs will hold its value for a longer period of time.

9. Saleability

Saleability is the ability for a vehicle to be sold. Factors can include engine size and transmission type (manual v automatic), fuel consumption and type, tax bracket, insurance group, can the vehicle qualify as Ultra Low Emission Zone. These may be factors that appeal to some people and not others, meaning a compromise on the right price might be tricky if one or more of these factors was an issue.

10. Vehicle Colour

Another major way a vehicle’s resale price can be affected is it’s colour, Be prepared to get less for certain coloured cars.


To understand how much your car is worth, a full vehicle appraisal will have to be undertaken. It seems daunting but appraising true value of a car required all these factors to be taken into consideration for a dealers every day. Click on over to this buy my car link if you would like an estimation. Get 3 separate valuations relating to different vehicle conditions for greater clarity how a vehicle condition could affect the price.