Common Issues with Truck Suspension


Suffering Problems With Your Truck Suspension?

Over time truck suspension systems will start to suffer from issues and they will need to be repaired to ensure they are functioning at optimal efficiency again. From rust to broken springs and much more, there are a number of faults that could occur with your truck’s suspension.

Below we’ll cover some of the most common issues that truck suspensions suffer from. The advice we provide will help you to identify issues before they turn into costly problems for you and your vehicle.

Top Truck Suspension Issues

When it comes to truck suspension, they are notorious for breaking down and suffering issues and this is typically due to the conditions they are used in. KSP Performance Ram 1500 leveling kit could solve these suspension problems Harsh terrains and tough work can easily lead to truck suspension failing much quicker and maintaining and monitoring your truck suspension will help to prevent any issues. Some of the most common truck suspension issues are:

  • Dirt and grime build up – typically from harsh landscapes and terrains.
  • Rust – rust naturally occurs over time but it can be brought on much sooner by the conditions your suspension is exposed to.
  • Springs – due to balance and weight issues, springs can easily fail, crack or break.
  • Age – the older a truck is the more likely it is to suffer from issues, older vehicles need monitoring much more regularly to prevent failures occurring.
  • Manufacturer Fault – it’s not uncommon for trucks to suffer from manufacturer faults and it’s easy to miss a warning or recall notice, you should always check with your trucks make website to watch out for common fault warnings.

Maintaining Your Truck Suspension

By regularly checking your truck and its suspension system, you can help to prevent it from breaking or failing completely. Annual servicing will help to identify any issues, allowing you to repair them before they become a problem. Repairs and issues are much more cost-effective to solve compared to full suspension failures. Most mechanics will be able to provide advice and guidance on how to maintain your truck correctly.