Does controversy related to smoke tinting headlights still persist?


Nowadays, tinting the headlights is a new way of updating or restyling your car. No doubt, the popularity of vinyl tint film has been increasing, but likewise, most people are still in doubt because of the misconceptions. Let’s have a look at them and try to clarify one-by-one.

What did you mean by smoke headlight vinyl films?

Vinyl films though upgrade your vehicle, but it is also true that it minimizes the light output as well, or you can say that they change the appearance. There are thermoplastic and urethane films that are generally applied directly to painted surfaces of the headlight surface. Thus, it becomes easy to protect the paint from any damage. Even vinyl tinted films do not require much maintenance.

Benefits of having smoke headlight film

It is said that tinted films minimize the resale value of your car. Well, it is not with vinyl headlight films, which provides a protective layer to your OEM paint and completely removable. As compared to other tinted films, vinyl ones are comparably cost-effective and maintain the paint.

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The vinyl tinted films generally available in different colors and customized as per your headlight size. You can have them in semi-gloss, carbon fiber, matte metallic, and some other kinds of finishes.

Is it easy to remove smoke headlight film?

The answer is absolute, yes. Vinyl tinted films can easily be removed without many efforts. These are the significant benefits of having them.

Is it recommended to pressure wash vehicle after installing smoke vinyl tinted film?

Generally, the experts suggested not to pressure wash your vehicle after you installed these films. Sometimes, it has been noticed that pressure washers can evade out these films a little. So, if you are investing in vinyl tinted films, protecting it is your duty.

Should you wash your vehicle before installing vinyl films?

If this question is also in your mind, then yes, you have to wash your vehicle to wash out all dust, pollen, and other dirt agents. It should be done so that these agents shouldn’t interfere at the time of adhesion.

Can the vinyl film be installed on plastic or ANS plastic?

Yes, vinyl films can easily be applied to plastics or polycarbonates.


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