Does Your Car Need New Tyres? Know Here!


The influence that worn tyres will have on the stability, handling and fuel consumption of your car is well understood. However, just looking around to buy Pirelli tyres at the right price, and replacing your worn tyres can solve only part of the issue. Tyre wear may also be only a symptom of a more massive lying epidemic that needs to be solved. Although you can find fantastic online tyre offers from dedicated businesses of Pirelli Bahrain, it can also be costly if you change your tyres more often than you like. It’s a smart idea, then to think of what tyre wear shows you about the health and efficiency of your vehicle. 

How Long Are the Tyres Meant to Last? 

Among the first indicators to look at is how long the tyre has worked since it was installed. Some tyres have a longer road lifespan than most, but on average, it is estimated that you could be aiming to get 20,000 miles out of your front tyres on your front-wheel-drive vehicle and nearly twice that out of your rear tyres. If you notice that you need to browse around for online tyres with considerably fewer miles on the clock, it’s worth wondering whether you need to speak to your fitting agent about what could be the root reason. 

Patterns of Tyre Wear

When you inspect your tyres’ wear (and it’s a smart thing to do this every time you check your tyres’ strain, preferably once a month), take a close look at the pattern of wear and also the scale of the tyres. If the tread is stretched uniformly over the surface and there are no scratches or bumps in the sidewalls of the tyre, that’s good. Just keep a sharp eye on the traces of wear in the grooves on the top of the tyres. When those points are level with the tray rim, you’re close to the legal wear cap, and it’s time to buy Pirelli tyres

Worn Shoulders 

This is the reverse of crown wear, indicative of an under-inflated tyre. Here, the sides of the tyre contact too much with the asphalt leading to rough wear across the pavement. Make sure you keep the Pirelli Bahrain tyre filled correctly. If you feel that you need to do this too much, there could be a problem with a leaking valve or a lack of air at the tyre bottom, or even a slow puncture. 

Camber Wear 

Here, the outer edge of the tyre displays significant wear, while the inner edge can look almost new. This may be a symptom of a suspension problem – a worn or twisted strut, a weak spring or worn or broken bushes – triggered by extreme tyre camber (with a tyre falling out instead of rolling upright). It’s something you’ll have to get your mechanic to look for as a matter of priority.

Feathered Directional Wear

If the tread is worn unequally enough that you can sense a hard texture if you rub your hand in one direction, and it’s smoother in another direction, you might have a “toe-in” alignment problem. Here, (usually) the front wheels are not precisely lined up “fore-and-aft” but face either in or out according to the direction of movement.