Easy Tips That Will Help You Move


If you are not organized, packing can be quite frustrating and tiring. However, by following some of the tips that we mention further in the article, you are definitely going to turn that boring experience into something that will reside as one of the dearest memories that you have.

Get some boxes

One of the most important things to consider while moving is to get the equipment which you will use to move yourself around, and boxes are definitely not only the most practical option, but also the cheapest. You can easily get boxes in various sizes to fit in all of your items tightly and safely into boxes, and you can mostly get them for free from local electronic stores that would throw them away anyway.

Pack essentials the night before

Once you start packing things, it might be a bit difficult to decide what you want to keep close to yourself and use on the day that you are moving into the new home. Because of that, it is highly advised to pack some essentials into a big bag the night before, things like your toiletries, a spare set of clothes, and whatever you may find necessary.

Renting a truck makes moving more fun

Wrap your breakable items

While boxes may secure your items to some degree, it is always better to add some additional protection to breakable items. The best option out there is definitely bubble wrap, or some other kind of plastic wrapping, however, you can simply use some clothes to wrap the items as well.

Don’t forget to label the boxes

Something that a lot of people tend to forget while packing is to actually label what is inside the boxes, which makes unpacking quite chaotic, especially if there is a lot of them. You can use a simple black marker and write down directly on the boxes, as you will probably throw them away once you move anyway.

Boxes are extremely helpful

Book your moving truck early

If you are doing the moving all by yourself, it is highly advised to book the friendly moving truck hire from Go With The Gecko or your local renting company, as it is quite a big risk to hire on the spot without booking, especially if you already pre-packed all of your items.

While it is also cheaper to get a regular moving truck, it is a much better idea to pay a little bit extra for one that happens to have a ramp. Loading things into the truck with a ramp is definitely going to save you from many struggles.

Final Word

Preparation is one of the most important things to consider when you are about to move into a new home, which is why it is advised to start planning a week ahead before your move. Don’t forget to inform your friends about your future plans as well, as they might be unable to help if you ask them too late.