Expected profit in NASDAQ TSLA in future


It is difficult to make a car made before the Tesla Challenge. Tesla’s unique challenge is vertical integration, ownership and management. Cars with many technical characteristics are unacceptably luxurious and original. The materials used are ecological and recyclable. The technology used is the best on the market. There are two monitors that monitor everything in the car, from speed gauges to navigation systems, internet browsing and cameras. Due to the lack of traditional motors, the S model has a smaller centre of gravity and smaller headroom than traditional models which typically can accommodate up to 7 people.

The combination of zero marketing has helped Tesla improve over the years. This makes it possible to acquire and maintain a significant share of this market share. Returning to Apple’s Pal computer marketing model comparison, Tesla is particularly well suited to gaining and maintaining a significant share of this high-end luxury sedan market. This should improve the company in the long run. All these facts are changing the way vehicles are tested, making it impossible for the OEM to induce emissions to provide customers with more accurate emissions and fuel consumption data.

How much can I get back?

In the third quarter of 2020, Tesla released what it described as a record quarter in many respects, which exceeded analysts’ expectations in several categories. Adjusted revenue per share was $ 0.76, breaking the consensus of $ 0.59. Actual figures increased 105.4% year-on-year. Revenue of $ 8.8 billion far exceeded analysts’ expectations of $ 8.2 billion. Tesla released auto production data ahead of its Oct.21 earnings report, which is also above analysts’ expectations. With high profits this quarter, Tesla appears to continue to grow and dominate the electric vehicle space. Therefore, NASDAQ TSLA could increase by another 20% unless a significant decrease occurs.

The grid is open to other electric vehicles as long as you pay for energy consumption, but all Tesla owners are free. Another difference between Tesla and the traditional automakers is how the company makes money. OEMs usually rely solely on auto sales to make money. In addition to selling cars, Californian companies make money in two ways that other carmakers have never used. The organization generates cash flow by selling power trains and electrical equipment to competitors and by selling ZEV loans to other OEMs. Traditionally, car manufacturers form partnerships with each other and each part of the contract is dedicated to a particular task. Research and development functionality is often shared. Alternatively, companies can work together to reduce costs and share platforms, engines or components.  You can check more information such as balance sheet from