Exploring the 2021 Honda Passport Lineup


The 2021 Honda Passport is a popular name in the segment of mid-size crossover SUVs that has taken a step forward towards the direction of off-roading expertise. The 2021 Honda Passport has already punched a ticket for the passionate drivers who love to explore newer destinations that are more into the rougher patches of natural beauty rather than gliding through smooth city roads, clarified by the Bay Area Honda dealer.

Standing Against its Rival Models

With the 2021 edition release of its flagship crossover model series Passport, Honda has trimmed down the earlier Pilot’s fat and moved towards making a more efficient road surfer through this five-seated, two-row crossover SUV model series. There, Honda preferred to concentrate more on its off-roading skills, after placing all the occupants with ease and due comfort. That seemed to be quite an easy game for Honda to square off against its rival models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Subaru Outback.

What Has Changed for the Year 2021?

The 2021 model year edition of Honda Passport begins a new life mainly as a Pilot, though this time its body length gets shorter of six inches that is duly replaced by a growing roofline, that makes the 2021 Honda Passport models wear a distinctive attire. What catches the attention even more is the purposely blacked-out chin. On the overall outlook, the 2021 Honda Passport certainly looks tougher this time with a sturdy body cladding. The ride height gets a big boost with the help of 20-inch wheels while the shiny roof rails instigates to pack your bags and set out for a weekend travel.

Muscle Power

The off roading capability that the 2021 Honda Passport models are boasting about comes from a streamlined powertrain that includes a 280-horsepower making V-6enginethat comes from the Pilot too. One gets the inspiration to chase wilder destination after listening to the rippling muscular sound it makes, while acceleration takes you through a smooth flow filter the engine power is filtered through a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Anyone who has driven the 2021 Honda Passport will invariably agree to the fact that this crossover SUV is better prepared for muting down the road imperfections while it keeps tackling the gentle curves without any grudge.

Comfort Oriented Cabin

Honda grants the Pilot-like space inside the 2021 Passport which is more than enough accommodating for five people. The rear seats passengers are given equal honor by allowing them enough of individual space, which is considered the first step towards in-car luxury and the criterion for basic ride comfort.

Storage is good inside every 2021 Honda Passport model, since it can be stretched to the maximum of 78 cubic feet. There is also cubby storage space offered inside the center console.

According to the Honda dealer in the Bay Area, the 2021 Honda Passport has scored a respectable rating for its safety standards by both the IIHS and NHTSA who agree that it is a safer crossover to take your family out for an unknown destination. The scope of a collision will be reduced to almost nil since features like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors and other ones will make the driver aware in advance about any probable driving hazard.