Exploring the Top Models of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz



Whether you’re looking to break into the luxury car scene or just want to upgrade to the best on offer, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz lineup does not disappoint.

As impressive as the lineup is in quality, it certainly does not lack in variety either. With most options catering to a similar audience, the question becomes, which is the right one for you? 

For that purpose, I’ll be exploring the top models of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz to help find the right fit for you and deliver a fair evaluation of their distinctive characteristics.

Top Models

2021 A Class

The 2021 A Class is an optimal luxury model for someone breaking into the scene. With an affordable price starting from 34,700$ yet still distilling the best Mercedes has to offer into an accessible yet luxury package.

Testing it on various metrics, I’ve found it to perform where other entry-level luxury sedans have floundered. It delivers on the Mercedes promise of high-end interior design, giving the sleek premium look we associate with Mercedes.

Featuring a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the 2021 A Class presents more than adequate power. Yet it remains comfortable for highway cruising, all around a well-rounded, impressive option coming from Mercedes.

2021 C Class

The 2021 C Class chooses to sacrifice raw power for comfortable luxury. I’d recommend the C class for older enthusiasts or those who simply want a quieter, more serene experience. It will set you back $42,650, at least, which is a good bit more than the A class, yet it remains affordable.

The 2021 C Class is available in three models, coupe, sedan, and convertible. Unless you’re looking for the thrill of the open-air brushing past your face. I recommend the sedan as your choice. While it does come to personal preference, I’ve found it to be the most satisfying model on offer.

The 2021 C Class remains quiet at highway speeds, comfort is its greatest strength after all, but I’ve found it to fall short when pushing it further. At full throttle, your ears will be in for a ride, and its speed isn’t something to write home about.

All around a decent option; if you’re someone looking for what it offers, the 2021 C Class is not a one size fits all luxury car.

2021 E Class

The 2021 E Class is Mercedes-Benz in pure form. Starting at $55,300, the E class brings a variety of options to suit what you’re looking for. A four-door sedan? A two-door coupe? A Cabriolet? The 255 horsepower E350, or the 315 horsepower E350e, or even the roaring E450 with 362 horsepower.

Several customization options on top of that, try listing all, and I might as well write a separate piece on what the E Class offers.

But with what it does offer, it delivers on comfortable, creamy riding. Quiet, serene engines, a slick, modern interior, more storage space than you can think of what to do with. The E class is undoubtedly an affordable ultra-luxury car.

2021 CLA Class

A competitor with the A Class, the 2021 CLA Class, aims to offer the same entry level luxury experience. But while it does shine in many of the same ways the A class does, steering far ahead with its handling, it does fall short of the A Class in a few key ways.

The less roomy experience, particularly with the back seat, brings a level of awkwardness. You’ll also occasionally encounter rather clunky downshifts from the gearbox, which puts a damper on the experience.

The place it shines in, with relation to the A class, is the smoothness of ride offered, bringing the market of the C Class a slightly more affordable option starting at 38,900$

2021 GLE Class

The first SUV on this list, the GLE class, starts from $55,800, but it certainly delivers on that sum. Unlike many luxury ‘off-roaders,’ the GLE class actually has the capacity and ability to go off-road without getting stuck in the mud or sand in 15 minutes.

It offers three different powertrains; however, counterintuitive for an SUV, I’d recommend sticking with the entry-level GLE350; it has all the power most drivers would probably want, realistically speaking.

For an SUV, the GLE Class has a refined luxury interior, but that’s not what you get at entry-level. Prepare to pay a significant amount extra on the number of addons you’ll probably want, such as heated seats and even a third row of seats at the back.

A decent option for a luxury SUV, the 2021 GLE Class, is undoubtedly on the pricier end.

2021 GLC Class

In exploring the yop Models of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz, I didn’t think I would end up including the 2021 GLC Class. But after giving it a go, I couldn’t have been further off.

The 2021 GLC Class is a brilliant Luxury Compact SUV. It starts at $43,200, but with add-ons that you’ll want, it does end up costing a pretty penny.

But every penny spent is undoubtedly worth it; if you’re looking for a Luxury Compact SUV, there are few options better than this. Its engine is powerful, the interior is posh, and the handling marvelous, it glides through the road, regardless of quality. It’s undoubtedly an SUV Mercedes is showing off with.


Mercedes-Benz has brought a top-quality lineup this year, yet it may seem challenging looking for the right one for you. For that purpose, I’ve prepared this exploring the top models of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz to help you differentiate between the different options available.