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Five car valeting mistakes most people in Reading make


If you live in Reading, you love your car and love cleaning it all the time, then it is not a bad idea at all. But you should know that there might be many possible mistakes that you might be making. These common mistakes will surely make your hard work look ineffective. Let’s discuss these mistakes.

1. Using dashboard protectant on leather seats

The shiny and luxurious leather on your seat makes a great impression. This is why you should avoid cleaning the lustrous seats with dashboard protectant. Use only the leather specific products because the dashboard protectant can damage the smooth leather.

2. Washing the car on a hot sunny day in Reading

Car washing is a tedious task where you have to keep rushing to keep things wet and soapy. The soapy water dries quickly in the sun, leaving water and foam spots. This is why a car wash needs to be done in a shady place or the evening.

3. Using a single sponge to clean

Brake particles get accumulated on the wheels and can lead to scratches as they are very abrasive. Using a separate sponge to clean your wheels and the paint on the car is not a good idea after all. So, try to use different sponges to clean the wheel and the colour separately.

4. Using just one bucket

Always try to use at least two buckets while cleaning, one for washing the car with soap and another one for rinsing the soapy layer. It is not a good idea to use the same dirty and soapy water for the following purpose of rinsing.

5. Applying products directly on the paintwork

It is crucial that you dilute the products with water and then apply them to the cleaning cloth first. Don’t try to save your time by using the cleaning agents directly on the paintwork.

Avoiding the things mentioned above can help you get better at detailing your car at your home. You don’t need any professional car valeting in Reading. Try to follow these things and be a proud driver of your car.