Five items that must be changed by car modification fans


As car owners are getting younger and younger nowadays, they have good financial strength, but also have the personality to catch up with the trend.Next, we will introduce you to the most popular car modification projects

1、Car lights

The beauty of car modification is also reflected in the ubiquitous lights. The headlights can be converted to xenon, blue light, white light and other cold light; the lampshade can be converted to black headlights, plus “angel eyes”; and the welcome pedal, chassis, trunk, tail lights, brake lights and other places can be retrofitted with LED cold light.

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2、Steering wheel and control panel

Modification of the steering wheel is mainly the addition of leather or metal sequins, to play a beautiful and personalized role. The console, instrument display, audio and other parts can be replaced with their favorite colors, modifying these places with small inputs and significant visual effects.

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3.Car audio

When driving a sporty car, if there is a bit of superb music, I believe that the joy of driving will suddenly increase. In fact, it is ok to install two subwoofers on the speaker, and you can also install a visual DVD and so on. After refitting the speaker, you must pay attention to increasing the battery capacity.

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  1. power liftgate

Intelligent electric tailgate is a new set of car modification intelligent system, the driver can easily achieve the control of the tailgate open and close by remote control the original car key, cab and kick sensor .In addition to , intelligent electric tailgate also has intelligent anti-pinch, height memory and other thoughtful functions

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  1. soft close doors

Intelligent electric suction door is an innovative product developed for the shortage of traditional car doors. Owners only need to gently push, the door can be automatically closed completely, avoiding vigorous closing, repeatedly flinging the door, closing sound too loud and other conditions, presenting the elegant door closing effect of high-class cars.

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