How does the two-wheeler market in Sri Lanka is working after the pandemic?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the lives of everyone from workers, businessmen, employers to employees. Many people’s lifestyles and expenses of living changed drastically over the year of time from different tiers of structure. Many ones became unemployed but at the same time people got new jobs and the changes in many factors were rational from ups and downs. But some sectors grew beyond the pandemic factor, this might be a shocking factor but it is the truth. Things changed a lot in sectors like medicines, and automobiles including pharma, etc., and some changes happened even in the hardships.

Pandemic affect: 

The pandemic was a huge threat to the world till now but yet people are planning to get used grow and work amidst it beyond all odds. Though the pandemic was a matter of fact during the first half of 2020 people had no choice to work through it in the second half of it. Especially because of the lockdown two-wheeler market was stuck in early pandemic days as even the scooty price in Sri Lanka started to decrease and also the sales. Even the high cc bikes that have craze around and were popular around people like 150cc bikes in Sri Lanka had fewer sales comparatively than the previous years. As the changes happened many started to re-sell them.

But the post-pandemic was getting better as people started to rely on their own hands for traveling to the workplaces. But along with that other natural disasters were also started to push people towards the boundary line over the mid-time. As struggles of the pandemic were getting crucial the rate recovery gave hope. But people are recovering from these disasters and the new normal is getting better day by day.


As though their many savings and good things happened during these hard times people are getting back with achieving their goals. Especially in the two-wheeler market, the scooty price in Sri Lanka is comparatively less than the bikes. Around then the companies are offering many offers which have slowly hiked the sales which is a very common default factor that convinced the public to take the idea of buying new bikes. Among customers, especially travelers 200 cc bikes and 150cc bikes in Sri Lanka purchased a lot after the post-pandemic. As more than 15 percent of people than the past has taken daily routine traveling in their own hands then to trust the public transport in hard situations.

Cities can be seen clearly with many bikes and scooters in more number than the four-wheelers and other strides of public transport. We cannot say that the motor market has fully pledged its high but slowly recovering amidst many barriers and they will slowly get better. Exporters and Owners are predicting that the bike market will reach better points in the upcoming years than earlier years very soon.

Many new editions and launches of new model bikes are expected to reach out to the public soon.