How Genesis Luxuriates the Rides in 2020 G80 Sedans


Genesis as a luxury branch of Hyundai has emerged as a new automotive brand that has so far produced exemplary luxury car models, especially sedans. The 2020 Genesis G80 is one such model that highlights the brand’s expertise in luxuriating the ride experiences to an awesome level.

Genesis has already set an exemplary record of producing relatively affordable premium luxury cars that are now no less popular than the models of its fierce competitors like Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi. The reason is that Genesis could fulfill the dreams of aspiring car buyers, by offering heightened luxury appointments at a comparatively lower price in its own segment, commented the owner of the Richmond Genesis dealer. He further added that the 2020 Genesis G80 models are now making more business than most of its rival models.

The Artistic Design Touches

The first criterion that every 2020 Genesis G80 models fulfill is that it wears an artistically beautiful attire that looks aristocratic from every angle and has a stunning finishing that speaks of the perfect workmanship.  As one of the latest premium luxury sedan models, each of the 2020 Genesis G80 models displays its own unique personality. Front fascia wears a subtle touch with a refined frontal grill, and all this adds to its elegance. The touch of luxury can be observed everywhere eliminating any frills and frolics. The LED headlights with their pearly white lights almost looks ornamental when the 2020 Genesis G80 approaches you.

The entire gamut of the 2020 Genesis G80 stands on a sleek architecture that rounds up the design with a full gloss finish. The body sides hold some attractively bold lines. All the 2020 G80 sedan models hold upright its brand identity, the Genesislogo.

Redefining the Concept of In-Car Luxury

Inside every 2020 Genesis G80 model lies a subtle and gently organized room that spreads wide enough to accommodate five occupants where each of them can enjoy good amount of personal space. This is the first thing that makes you feel honored and enables you to observe and enjoy other luxury features in your own pace.

The next aspect that will undoubtedly catch your fancy is the display of tasteful arrangement of things that never makes you feel congested on any account. The infotainment system shredded of all cluster looks purposeful in every sense, and only adds enough glamor to the interior environment.

Inevery 2020 Genesis G80 models you see high quality materials used for both solid and soft surfaces. The seats and other upholstery can be ranged from soft synthetic leather to rich Nappa leather, while the hard surfaces display afine design made of open-pore real wood veneers with proportionate applicationof rich natural woodgrains. Metal surfaces use real aluminum taking delightful geometrical shapes to cheer up the cabin atmosphere.

At the Genesis dealership Richmond,our test drive with the 2020 Genesis G80 model brought us with an impression that Genesis knows well how to luxuriate a ride, not only on creature comfort level, but also through its creamy smooth movements.