How much does it cost to put a used engine in the car?


The cost of a car engine will vary depending on the kind of make, the engine replacement choice, and the facility rate. On average, the cost of used car engines ranges from $400-$15,000 for the parts. The cost of labor can be charged at as little as $1000 or as high as $1800.

One of the worst circumstances that any driver may get stuck in is dealing with an engine failure. Engine breakdown occurs frequently and unexpectedly. Therefore, as a driver, you must be prepared and familiar with the prices of used car engines.

Installing a completely new engine is not a wise idea unless the car is extremely valuable. Therefore, most automobile professionals prefer installing used engines. This option can help you save a ton of money. 

The price of an engine in a secondhand automobile workshop greatly depends on the model, make and type of the vehicle. It may also change depending on where you are purchasing the secondhand engine from. The price of a used engine should not act as the basis of your consideration because low-cost engines do not always reflect high-quality and vice versa. Because engine replacement expenses are on the higher end of automobile repair, you must carefully assess the situation to determine whether it is worthwhile to replace the engine of your car or buy a new one instead.

Factors influencing prices of used car engines

The cost of an engine is pretty high. Depending on a variety of circumstances, it can also cost you thousands of dollars.

Model, make, and year of the car.

The type of vehicle is the first aspect in deciding the price of the used engine. Installing a brand-new Ford engine is more expensive compared to installing a used engine. Similarly, acquiring a used Ford from the year 2008 will cost you much less compared to purchasing a new Ford vehicle from 2021.

Complexity and size

Another aspect in determining the price of the engine would depend on the complexity. If the engine has four cylinders, it will be less expensive than an engine that has eight or six cylinders.

Facilities cost

Installing a new or used engine necessitates a significant level of labor. This implies that labor charges are a significant portion of the engine cost. Certain engines may include a guarantee that covers the installation cost. If you replace the engine replaced at a small shop, it may cost you less compared to at an automobile dealership.

Engine pricing for used cars

If you decide to get a used car engine, the cost of a four-cylinder engine will start at around $4000. In the case of a V-6 engine, the cost will be around $5500. A V-8 engine would cost around $7000. When you buy a used engine, the price will decrease dramatically. You can get a used engine for $400, or the cost may go to $600. The price in the case of the used engine is influenced by the condition, mileage, and age of the engine. When you think of the guarantee that comes with a new engine, you may change your decision.

The installation of the engine takes around 12 hours. Thus, you will have to pay for the labor charges. The hourly charge multiplied by the hours will give you the labor charge. You also have to think about the potential setbacks. Thus, putting together the labor fee, facility fee, engine fee, etc., the total cost to install a used engine may be between 1100 and $1800.