How to Choose a Radar Detector



There are countless models of radar detectors out there. Choosing one can quickly turn into a frustrating process. There are a few things to take into consideration when picking your next radar detector.

The first one is the laser detection sensors. One laser sensor can detect laser beams in front of you, but not behind you or off to the sides. For a 360-degree detection, you need a radar detector with two laser sensors.

Getting the widest range of detection that you possibly can is very important. You should also focus on radar detectors that detect X, K, Ka, and laser bands. Clear audio and visuals help to keep your focus on the road.

Another thing to consider is a good visual display and for the radar detector to have at least 10db. Models with city and highway modes help to limit false alarms. Safety Alert and SWS settings aren’t too important.

VG-2 Alert and VG-2 Non-Detection are also very important. These two features help a great deal to make sure your radar detector remains undetected by RDD. This means you can get away with using a radar detector in states that consider them illegal.

New RDD are very technologically advanced and you will need a matching tech to beat them. An RDD that uses POP tech that works at a low frequency until the radar gun is turned on to monitor a driver’s speed. This gives a radar detector little opportunity to scan and detect the signal.

This makes radar detectors with POP detection the best devices on the market. Because POP detection means extra sensitivity, some drivers might opt to turn it off to reduce false alarms. 

What is a Radar Detector?

Radar Detectors are devices that are used to detect the signals emitted by the radar guns used by police to monitor a car’s speed. These devices are widely popular and used to escape speeding tickets.

Radar detectors act as radio receivers, picking up specific frequencies used by radar guns. Newer radar guns use a laser tech, named LIDAR, and POP tech. These devices are a little bit harder to detect. That’s why high-quality radar detectors include Laser and POP detection.


Cops tend to have no mercy when it comes to speeding drivers. That’s why investing in a high-quality radar gun is very important. Police use all kinds of new tech to avoid detection. Luckily, radar detector manufacturers are never too far behind. Check out more articles on AutobyMars.