How to duplicate the car key – Where to buy the key for your car?


Here’s when and how to request a duplicate car key.

Losing your car keys is a decidedly annoying occurrence that has numerous consequences and therefore must be dealt with promptly by requesting a duplicate.

Possible reasons for requesting a duplicate car key

The procedure for requesting the duplicate car keys involves different times and costs, depending on the model and manufacturer of the vehicle.

When preparing for a trip, it would be advisable to provide an accessory key in advance as on vacation the operating procedures could take a long time and the car would still be unusable.

In case of loss, it is necessary to go to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased and present all the relevant documentation certifying ownership of the car.

A pin code is often requested, assigned to each machine at the time of purchase.

It remains the subjective faculty to decide whether to change the lock and control unit of the machine, to avoid any risk of theft or break-in.

If, on the other hand, the keys have been stolen, the request for the duplicate must be accompanied by a report submitted to the police or carabinieri indicating the theft.

In these cases it is always preferable to change the lock, control unit and keys as the thief could, at any time, also steal the car.


How to duplicate the car key - Where to buy the key for your car?
How to duplicate the car key – Where to buy the key for your car?

Procedure for obtaining a duplicate of the car keys

Whatever the cause, the possibility of requesting a duplicate of the car keys can also be made directly from the vehicle manufacturers, who are able, using the mechanical code of the keys, to send them directly to the customer.

Duplicate keys must be re-coded before they can be used.

The mechanical code is a specific security index for any car, which is provided to the customer at the time of purchase; it is very important not to lose it as it is a one time figure.

In the event that this code should be lost, contact the manufacturer which, after viewing the vehicle’s chassis number, sends the mechanical code again via an emergency procedure.

In most cars it is possible to obtain this code through the control unit; it is not a particularly complex operation, which however requires a certain skill to be carried out successfully.

Another option to make a duplicate of the car key is to remove the lock and, after careful analysis, trace the key morphology. Even in this case, it is still essential to re-code through the use of the control unit, after entering the pin code.

The pin code is the most important index for any operation involving the car; therefore it is absolutely necessary not to lose it.

Who to contact for a duplicate car key

The duplicate car keys can be made either at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased or in a specialized hardware store, as not all of them are able to provide this service.

Going to a hardware store, the management costs are much lower than those estimated at a dealership; this procedure is however possible if the model of the machine is not among the most recent, since in this case it is only the dealers who have the right to duplicate.
According to many motorists it is always disadvantageous to make a duplicate in the hardware store since the guarantees offered are less and because only the manufacturer has the ability to adequately recode the control unit.
The costs are much higher (up to 50% more) than those of a hardware store, but the results are much better.

What are the costs for duplicating the car key


Starting from a basic cost of about 50 euro for the simplest procedure, the price of a duplicate car key depends on the model, manufacturer and year of production.

Always inquire about the duplication quote, to avoid nasty surprises, especially for very recent keys that can only be duplicated by the authorized dealership.

Some brands of particularly refined cars require very high costs to duplicate the keys, up to as much as 500 euro.

The most convenient way to make an accessory key is to buy a serial product; in this case it is not an original duplicate or even a certified one, but a key that is still able to work, even if not for all options.

In fact, using these counter products, it is not possible to take advantage of the centralized opening of the vehicle, which, with a simple click, allows you to control the various functions.

For those who prefer to use the remote control it is therefore necessary to request an original duplicate, making a much higher cost estimate.

The convenience of being able to open and close your car remotely without having to insert the key in the lock is a very significant advantage that is made possible by the use of the remote control.

Modern keys usually have transponders; it is a system thanks to which, every time the car has to be started, the internal chip emits a signal that is picked up by the control unit which, after recognizing it, gives input to the vehicle.
It could happen that the duplicate is requested following the breakage of some part of the key, which has not been lost or stolen, but only broken.

In this circumstance, the duplicate requires the procedures listed above, plus the need to free the lock from the stump left inside.

For many vehicle models, only some parts of the key will be replaced, without the obligation to duplicate it; in case of repairs, the costs are much lower and, if performed by experienced professionals, the operation guarantees excellent performance.

Where to buy the key for your car?

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