How to Know Your Car Needs an Immediate Repair or Servicing


Being a car owner is not always as smooth as a cakewalk. To ensure that your daily commuter doesn’t get sick, and don’t betray you at the middle of the road, you need to take good care of it.

You could be a good caretaker of your car and might be following the maintenance schedule strictly. That surely brings down the risks of such worrisome experiences. But we never know when things could go out of control, and your car needs an immediate attention.

So here’s a brief guideline gathered from the auto mechanics of the Burlington auto repair that can help you to know if your car is in trouble.

In this you will find some signs which can be repaired at home if you are having a knack to handle car issues following DIY techniques, while some are strictly to be handed over to the trained mechanics, to avoid any unforeseen risks.

Your Car Cabin Throws Gas Odor:

One of the most common issue which usually causes because of a faulty gas cap. But at times it could also be an indication of a failing fuel system. If it is the first one, you can fix it back yourself by replacing the gas cap, or by simply tightening it up. But if that doesn’t stop the odor, then do not hesitate to call an expert to help you out.

Cabin Has Odor of Rotten Egg

If you enter the cabin and repel out of it smacking the odor of a rotten egg, the reasons could be many. The simplest one could be a dead rat, but if the possibility of that is ruled out, then it could be:

  • A faulty fuel pressure regulator. Replacing it would supposedly solve the issue.
  • Wrong fuel type that is working against the system. Switching to the manufacturer recommended type will stop the smell.

Strong Vibration or Violent Shaking

If you key the engine of your car and it starts shaking violently or vibrates too strongly, it could be because of any or all of the following reasons:

  • Either the spark plugs or the brake rotors are worn out
  • There could be a disconnected wire,
  • The shocks or struts have weakened
  • Electrical partslike the battery terminals, timing belt got loosened up or disconnected
  • The hoses around the engine are out of order.
  • Misaligned wheels

Emission ofWhite Smoke

If you see white smoke emitting from the the tailpipe of your car in large quantity instead of the usually seen small amount of white vapor, know that it could be an issue with the following:

  • Blown out head gasket of the engine
  • Coolant leakage
  • Damaged engine cylinder head
  • Cracked up engine blockdue to overheating
  • A faulty exhaust system

The mechanical team offering auto repair service in Burlington suggested that in any of these above mentioned cases, that didn’t get resolved with your DIY trials should get addressed immediately by a trained professional, and a delay in this process can cause larger damage. Get a Locksmith bronx number in case of an emergency.