How to Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure for ATV, Quad & Dirt Bike Tyres


ATV, Quad & Dirt Bike tyre pressure is a measurement of how much air is in your tyre and ensures the tyres wear evenly. Maintaining the proper tire pressure on your ATV is very crucial to safely and effectively operate your quad or dirt bike.

Tyre pressure of ATV or Quad bike is measured by determining the amount of air that in the inner lining of your ATV’s tyre in pounds per square inch (PSI). When your tyres are inflated to the recommended tyre pressure (PSI), you can enjoy the optimum life and performance of your ATV’s tyre.

How do you check your ATV or Quad bike’s tire pressure?  Initially, you have to find out the recommended tyre pressure for your ATV and their tyres.  Then, you can use a low-pressure tire gauge to measure the air pressure of the tyres, adjusting as required to meet the recommended PSI or to meet your needs in particular situations.

Read further to see how to best check and maintain your ATV’s tire pressure for each situation.

The Importance Of Right Tyre Pressure

Not having correct tyre pressure on your Quad or Dirt bikes can cause a lot of problems. Be it high, low, or uneven tire pressure, you ATV will have the risk of popping the tyres.

Improper tyre pressure in your dirt or quad bike tyresgives you less control over your vehicle and can put you to the risk of an accident.

Determine the Recommended Tyre Pressure

Something that most people forget to do is checking the recommended tyre pressure of their ATV and the tyre they are using. You can check the tyre pressure in the owner’s manual, and if you don’t have it, google is always there for you. The best thing you can do is take the owner’s manual from quad bike tyres suppliers like Oceanic Direct when you make a purchase.

Not all ATVs are designed to perform in the same way, various ATVsare designed to operate in a certain way, and the tyres usually have a decent range of tyre pressure on which they can operate. So, it is better is if you know what tyre pressure is required for your ATV and the tyres for it perform well.

Checking Your ATV’s Tyre Pressure

For vehicles like cars or bicycles, it is easy to check tyre pressure manually just by seeing or touching the tyres. When it comes to off-road tyres and their big treads, it is almost impossible to check the tyre pressure without the low-pressure gauge.

However, when buying the gauge, make sure you buy the specific one for your ATV. To get accurate tyre pressure, accessories for atvs you should never check the tyre pressure while it is hot.

The normal range of tyre pressure for ATVs is between 4 to 8 pounds per square inch (PSI).