How To Make Your Window Tint Last?


Purchasing a new car is a good investment due to the benefits it can provide to your family in the long run. Yet, we couldn’t deny the fact that maintaining it is costlier than buying. Given such circumstances, drivers should take care of their vehicles in the coming years to save money.

Installing window tints is one way to keep your car in good condition. Your loved ones can benefit from it also as those tints can protect them harmful UV rays and sun glares.

Car owners may choose either to buy premium or cheaper window tints. Yet, regardless of their decision, one should also take care of their window films to ensure its long life expectancy.

First, clean your window tint with the appropriate cleaning tools and washing materials. Using abrasives could only damage the window tint, so never use it for cleaning. Instead, wipe, clean, or scrub your window films with a soft microfiber cloth.

Besides, don’t ever use ammonia-based cleaning products, or else be irritated with discolorations and bubbles that it will produce in your window tints. We may use water and soaps without grease-cutting ingredients as an alternative mixture to clean our tints if we have a limited budget to buy car window cleaners in the market.

Second, air bubbles usually occur after the window tint installation and stay there for at least two weeks. However, if bubbles go beyond the given time prescription, it indicates poor installation. Therefore, re-installation is a must. Car owners may call window tinting in Harlingen, TXwindow tinting in Gaithersburg, MD, or other window tint installation firms to work on it.

Third, never wash your newly-tinted car windows. One should acknowledge their place’s climate and wait for at least seven to 30 days before cleaning the window tints. Such a period will allow the window tint to cure and dry, so be patient.

Fourth and last, look for shady areas to park your car, as exposure to direct sunlight will only degrade the new window film faster. 

 Check this infographic by Kepler to know more.