How to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Luggage?


Regardless of what type of a rider you are keeping the motorcycle luggage safe is important a challenging. More miles on the bike means bigger the challenge. We are here to guide you with the needed precautionary measures. Following are the guidelines on how you can take care of your motorcycle luggage and motorcycle apparel are all on you.


Hard luggage and panniers are easy to clean. Textile and cloth bags can be washed. It is the leather that needs more care and maintenance.

More time dirt and grime stay on leather the harder it will be to remove without any damage. Remove bugs, dirt, sludge, etc. with baby wipes or leather cleaning wipes during short breaks. Don’t go into the details. Clean your motorcycle luggage thoroughly after the tour.

Leather motorcycle luggage

A detailed guide on how to clean leather saddlebags available here. Quality products clean good and enhance the leather’s beauty. A little bit of research is all you need to choose better. Auto mechanics know some insights ask them if you can.

Leather conditioning

Conditioning the leather enhancesits beautyand make it last longer. Remember it was once a skin! Keep regular oils away, go for leather moisturizers and UV protectors.

Products to avoid

Oil and oil-based cleaners may ruin your clothes. So, it is better to avoid those. Here is an in-depth guide on how to take care of your leather motorcycle luggage.

Soft motorcycle luggage

Soft luggage is machine washable. Read the instruction and care label before washing. Take off any hooks, loops, and metal whether inside and on the exterior. You may the fabric softener if you like.

Hard motorcycle luggage

Wiping the exterior with a clean cloth and soapy water. Use a separate cloth to remove soap residue. And finally, dry clean cloth for finishing. Remove what you can and empty the bag. Repeat the same cleaning process. Remember not to use too much soap!

Moisture protection

Waterproof motorcycle bags keep the luggage protected, but they are expensive. Wrapping your riding bags in a plastic bag will capture the moisture. This can damage the leather and any electronics in it. Put a cotton cloth or towel around your stuff. This way the cloth will absorb moisture and keep things safe. Dry the bag later when you can. Apply good quality waterproofing products, like beeswax or animal fat for exterior waterproofing. Read further on how to take care of your motorcycle bags here.

Taking care at night

Either unmount and take the luggage with you or just take important stuff out. Unpacking is hectic but it is the only way to protect your stuff if the bag cannot be unmounted. Locking the pannier makes thieves think there are valuables inside. This compels them to a break-in, resulting in the damaged pannier. Unmounting the bags is the safest way and the recommended one.

Parking the bike

Park your motorcycle where it is safe, like well-lit and more crowded areas. Lock the bike properly, take your luggage and accessories with you. When traveling in groups one or two can guard the bikes. Try to park from where you can see your motorcycle.