Buying & Selling



With your budget does not allow you to buy a new car, opting for a pre-owned car here are a few things to always consider when looking for a preowned car.

Vehicle History it is always necessary to understand the car you are buying, why the seller is selling the car and everything else you would need to know about the car. It is also good to check if the car has been involved in any accident or incidents. This gives you an upper hand. 

Mileage an average car mileage is about 20,000 km per year if the car has gone beyond this then this will mean that the car will have more wear and tear and you will be forced to visit the garage more often than not to keep it on the road.

Mechanic inspection it is advisable to take the car to the mechanic for them to advise you if the car has any unseen damage or any unforeseen future problem that the car may bring. This will help you make an informed decision on which car to settle for.

Inspect the interior and Exterior always check for rusts, dents, also check if the body panel line is up evenly as uneven ones will indicate a repair was not properly done after an accident, also check under the car to ensure nothing is hanging or the body has issues. You can also check if the original color of the car, check the seats and look for any wear and tear in the upholstery.

Research it is important to do thorough research on the car you would want to invest in, check for the price so that you will not be conned. Check if the car is usable for the terrain you intended to use the car.

Certified pre-owned car this will give you more confidence and assurance in purchasing the car as you have all the documents with you. Also check online for the registration of the car for more assurance.

Check the engine ensure that the car’s engine is in order before making a decision also check that the gear box and the clutch are in good working conditions and are functional.

Check for leaks this should be very worrying if it is present in the car you would wish to purchase as it is a clear indication that the car should be taken to a repair shop immediately. Check under the car to see the type of leak and where the problem is. If the fluid is black in color the that might be oil. If you way the option to hire a car or buy a new one you would  definitely  settle to buy an old one in the long run.

 Do not be duped into making a haste decision by the seller into buying a car, if you feel there is something that is a miss then always consult and do your research further. Lastly consult with the seller on the mode of payment to help you prepare and ensure the transfer is a smooth ride for the both of you.