Is an Extended Warranty necessary for your Car?


Nowadays, every product comes with a warranty. A warranty promises that the company will take responsibility for any repair or replacement of the products they sell for a given period. These are inbuilt features of the products, and no extra cost is needed to secure them for your products. But what about the period after the warranty? This is where the extended warranty plays a role.

An extended warranty is a paid service by the companies. You have to pay a sum initially and buy the extended warranty, and then the company offers you a warranty for another two or three periods. This extended warranty also extends to auto motors, and after the purchase of an auto motor, we often get calls from companies for an extended warranty. But is it worth the cost? How to choose the right one? What does it cover? Check out this post to get all your answers regarding extended warranties.

What is the cost of an Extended Warranty?

This differs from company to company and model to model, but on average, the cost of an extended warranty for two years is around $1000 to $3000. It varies based on the coverage you need. It also depends on the usage and the make of your car.

What does it cover? How is it beneficial?

It generally covers the electric and the mechanical parts of the car. But the most used parts like the brake pads and clutch are not covered, as these are prone to wear and tear with regular use. Also, Only the manufacturing defects are covered. The troubles caused by accidents or lousy driving skills are investigated and then decided. Therefore, faults in the engine and significant parts that usually cost the most are covered under warranty. Minor repairs are considered based on your driving behavior and activity. Also, regular maintenance is offered at their professional service centers. This is the best benefit of it.

How to choose the Right Extended Warranty cover?

The factors to look for in an extended warranty service are listed below.

  • Its price and affordability. Compare the price and the services offered by various firms and identify the one with maximum benefits and minimum price.
  • Check whether it offers coverage to many components of the car. It’s also important to consider if the extended warranty covers integrated engineering parts, as these can be some of the most expensive components to repair or replace.
  • Bumper-to-bumper coverage is the best-in-class coverage. But, if you are confident about your driving and usage, you can choose the ones with only the significant risk factors.
  • Free maintenance provision is a critical feature in a warranty. This helps in identifying issues and rectifying them at the beginning itself.

Final Thoughts

An extended warranty from a reputed brand is trustable and is a good choice if you use your car regularly for longer trips. Check out this post for further details and consider all the factors before deciding on an extended warranty. As many believe this may not be a scam, if you read the features closely and analyze the prices, you might have to spend without an extended warranty and with an extended warranty.