ITALIKA XT110- An Affordable Solution To Everyday Commuting Hassles


Well, the ITALIKA XT110 is an urban scooter designed keeping in mind the preferences of city commuters. With its large tubeless wheels and design ergonomics, the XT110 can surely turn heads. But don’t be much excited as the ITALIKA XT110 is not ideal for rough terrains.

But as customary with all bikes and scooters from ITALIKA, the XT110 is reliable. It runs on a very refined engine which gives riders the assurance to step on the gas. Also, the 7 HP engine can tackle traffic snarls and acceleration within the city well.

The Italika Motorcycles – Models, Photos, Reviews have a lot to say about the futuristic XT110. So here are some of the best things you should know about this stylish scooter.

Churns out Consistent Performance

One of the key highlights of the XT110 is that it provides consistent performance. If you are looking for a cost-effective riding option, the XT110 won’t disappoint you. It also has excellent fuel efficiency and comes equipped with a variety of features. The scooter feels more refined and features smoother throttle transitions. This is the reason that the XT110 is an ideal two-wheeler for city conditions.

Sturdy Suspension is a Boon

The XT110 comes equipped with a sturdy suspension system that can negotiate bumps and potholes quickly. It has telescopic forks at the front that can help the rider to traverse terrains smoothly. Moreover, the braking system works pretty well and has anti-skid properties. So if you are taking the XT110 for a spin in monsoons, you don’t have to worry much.

Final Verdict

The XT110 is undoubtedly a perfect scooter with advanced features. It provides decent performance and has excellent fuel economy, which is boon. The build of the scooter is muscular and is capable of negotiating city terrains.