Learn how simple additions in interior of your car enhance its beauty 


These days’ car companies are putting lots of efforts and thought in RND resources into interior design of their products. It is safe to say that they have certainly come a long way from earlier rudimental designs. Now they are fully loaded with lots of comfort elements and equipments that are definitely amplifying your driving experience. But, the scope of putting additional aftermarket items are still almost infinite so in this article we will address the topic of car interior modification and list of some really useful aftermarket elements that will definitely spruce up your car from inside.

Seat covers

Let’s start our car interior modification guide with the part that covers almost 70% of your car’s interior. Your car’s seat is probably the most important component once you want you step into your vehicle. Almost all of the common budget cars get fabric upholds try. But they are designed very meticulously now, there is no denying that they are lack of premium field. To fix this you can obtain or install aftermarket seat covers to get the plus sensation. The personalized car seat covers come in a variety of material, prices and colors. The affordable ones are usually made up of leather which is most common among customers. You can even of genuine leather covers that will definitely expensive in comparison to the previous one. But before you make any purchase make sure you choose wisely so that your seat covers gel with the overall look of your car and do not look odd.

Steering wheel cover

Quite similar to seats, carmakers are now giving emphasis on the steering wheel design as it plays a vital role in the interior aesthetic of a car. Similar to the seats, the steering wheel can also be incorporated with aftermarket covers made up of variety of materials. Even hear the genuine leather option will set you back by most. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic value, customize steering wheel cover also had the comfort and grip factors. Hence make sure the selection you made doesn’t make your hands slip from the wheel when you are driving. Also try to use similar color theme according to your seat upholstery to get the coordinated appearance.

Floor mats

Along with the steering wheel and personal car seat covers, floor mats of the car are also the most visible component in the interior. Apart from having an aesthetic functionality floor mats also act as a dirt and dust shield for your car floor panels. Floor mats are removable and can be cleaned very easily compare to car’s interior panel which could take a lot of quiet efforts. These floor mats are available in different forms of colors and materials. Generally the one made of rubber do the best for trapping grim and also very easy to clean. On the flip side, one made up of more felt like material will look much better but require frequent cleaning. It would be a smart choice to have the one which use the combination of felt mix and rubber panel at the key area. Floor mats are specific for each car’s model and therefore ensure to check the fit before purchasing.

Handbrake and gear knob cover

The gear knob and handbrake consists a very small percentage of the interior, but since they are used to control the car from inside their visibility is quite high. These components can take an assortment of cover just like your Smartphone. They are composed of varied form of materials and come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Again these components are controlled by you so be sure to look for the one which do not compromise with your grip.