Maintaining the Performance of Your Vehicle


Even though it’s below zero outside, you should keep your car clean. By following these tips, you may help clean your automobile entirely. Lenz Auto is also an excellent option for maintenance and repairs. We are Wisconsin’s best option for automobile sales. These assist in keeping your automobile running smoothly as you work on making it look great.

The Ornamental Details Remain

Someone who keeps his car in good condition appears trustworthy. It improves the outside appearance of the vehicle and aids in keeping the inside dust-free. A damp cloth is all that is needed to clean the surface of dust and debris. Because immersing your furniture in water may harm the fabric, it only requires a small amount of detergent to be cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Nobody wants to be a passenger in a filthy automobile. It stinks, and stepping over trash might be dangerous. Making it a habit to keep your vehicle clean is the best approach to avoid crumbs, giving special attention to the upholstery, carpets, and floor mats. Remove dirt, grime, and residue from leather seats with a damp cloth. Clutter may be prevented by maintaining a consistent cleaning and waste collection routine.

You’re probably aware of how tough it is to remove odors from car seats and upholstery after your kids have stained them with coffee or ripped them up. Baking soda, on the other hand, is a quick and efficient cure. To get rid of the odor, sprinkle baking soda over the problem spots and vacuum it up after a few minutes. Baking soda may be used to clean a variety of upholstery and can also help keep your automobile fresh and odor-free. Try that the next time you need to clean your car’s upholstery.

Hard-to-Reach Locations

Use a toothbrush to clean the nooks and crannies on the inside of your car. Remove dirt and grime that has collected in nooks and other difficult-to-reach areas using the bristles. Another benefit of using a toothbrush is that it can reach regions that a sponge or cloth cannot. For example, you may use a toothbrush to clean the floors and the floorboards beneath the gear shift. To keep your car’s gloss, use a new toothbrush with extra-soft bristles.

How to Maintain the Health of Your Coats

If an automobile is well-maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, its attractive appearance and value will remain longer. Clearing salt and debris from the car’s body can help to prevent corrosion and rust. To avoid rust and corrosion, keep the undercarriage clean. Use a pail of warm water and dish soap to clean your vehicle thoroughly.

Wipe the car’s exterior with the sponge, paying special attention to any scratches or other indications of wear and tear. Mist the wheels and chassis with the hose. Clear any collected tar or brake dust from the road. After that, dust the wheels and the floor below with a clean towel. If you follow these simple guidelines, your car will look and perform like new for many years.

Call Lenz Auto for All of Your Automotive Needs

Vehicle maintenance is more than look and cleanliness. A regular cleaning program reduces the risk of rust and corrosion while also maintaining the interior and outside in good condition. Lenz Automobile is a full-service automotive repair shop that can handle anything from brake repairs and oil changes to rust and corrosion inspections. We’ll assist you with keeping your vehicle in good functioning condition so you can drive stress-free. Please call Lenz Auto,  the #1 truck dealer in Wisconsin, as soon as possible to schedule a test.