Mindful Attributes of the 2020 Genesis G80 Sedan


Genesis is an automotive brand name that is now paralleled with the first row of car makers who focus on premium luxury cars. It is now being counted along with names like Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. The reasons why in very short time, this Hyundai offshoot could climb up to this stature aren’t that difficult to find. If you look at any Genesis car, like the 2020 G80, you’ll immediately recognize them. Though it can be listed as many, we would prefer to interpret the success of this brand as framing up each and every model with so much mindful attributes. It is not only in the design, that the 2020 series of Genesis G80 sedans will make you feel the difference, but it is also the proportionate ratio of every attribute that completes the circle with this level of perfection.

When we got the first opportunity to get a closer look at the 2020 Genesis G80 at the showroom of the Conshohocken Genesis dealer, we found every detail of this classy sedan at the perfect proportion, both inside and out. Our experience was so enchanting that we wanted to share with you all each of its attributes.

Full LED Adaptive Lighting

The exterior lightings of a car aren’t only a part of its visual entity. They are also one major component of safety that determines the level of visibility for the one who sits behind the steering wheel. In 2020 Genesis G80 you will first notice the 3 dimensional headlamps that shows the unique sensibility of the brand designers. The beam patterns of these lamps automatically adapt themselves to the ever changing driving conditions, be it the speed, the road surface, the natural light throughwhich it is driven. They also respond immediately to the lane changes in order to widen up the range of view to improve overall safety.

Interior Design Features

It is overall in-car ;luxury, that the Genesis brand is focused upon. To ensure that, it dresses up every 2020 edition of G80 sedan models with top quality materials, that not only look good, but also withstand the hardships of long road journeys.

Our test drive with the 2020 Genesis G80 at the Conshohocken Genesis dealership showed us the interior cabin of this luxury sedan that is composite of open-pore real wood veneers and grains that is made of rich natural wood.The upholstery and other soft surfaces are draped in Nappa leather with exquisite piping to convey a message of sheer elegance.The metal parts are given real aluminum finishes shaped in intriguing geometric patterns showing the mindful creativity of the brand designers.

Technologies Used for Advanced Safety

To enhance each and every driving experience, Genesis has geared up its 2020 G80 models with the right combination of technologies that work in tune with each other. starting from the Head-up Display to theAround View Monitoring (AVM) System, every component is of high end qualityto ensure that no blind spots are left to confuse the driver, while Parking Assist helps him park this full size sedan even in a tight parking space.