More Durable, Treat Headlights With Ultraviolet Shield


Without realizing it, car lights are a safety component while driving. It turns out that you don’t have to bother to take care of your headlights, just use masking tape and an ultra violet shield.

Most light lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic. This tough plastic is perfect for taking on tough road conditions without breaking, but it can lose out in the sun. If the headlights have started to fog up or yellowish, follow these steps to treat the headlights to be shiny and long lasting.

1. Clean the lamp and stick the tape

The first step is to wash the headlight lenses thoroughly with soap and water. You may be able to wash the area around the lamp. After that, apply tape to cover the headlight frame area. The tape will focus the cleaning work without disturbing the rest of the car’s front. For Truck, Big Rig World is a good choices for tried.

2. Sand the front lens

To clean the lens, sandpaper is the most important part of this treatment. There are three sizes of sandpaper that you can buy, for example 1000, 2000 or 3000. The smaller the size, the higher the abrasive level of the sandpaper.

Wet the sandpaper and Truck Headlights glass. Rub in a straight, horizontal motion. Make sure the surface remains wet to avoid the risk of scratching the front lens. Repeat the work starting from the largest size to the lowest.

3. Lens polish

When you’re done, dry it until all the dirt and water is gone. Pour the polishing compound onto a microfiber cloth and polish the headlights for a few minutes in a circular motion. Do it several times until the headlights look clear. After that you can apply wax to maintain the clarity of the lens longer.

4. Install UV protection

The final process is to install an ultraviolet visor to protect the lens from sunburn. As explained earlier, make sure the shield reaches all parts of the headlights so they can last longer.

In the process of maintaining the headlights as described above, be sure to work with them carefully and carefully. Repeat the process if the light is still not clear. If it’s still yellow or foggy, it might be a good idea to consult an authorized repair shop for professional treatment.