Motoden London Biking Experience


Our Belief

At Motoden London, we have prioritized making the UK’s capital readily accessible to everyone. We offer the residents of London with high quality transport services, that enables them to manoeuvre about the city easily. For about more than a decade, we have provided teachings, tools and motorcycles to a lot of people. This has given them the freedom to experience London at their convenience.

Our company’s founder, George Dennison, has admitted being a bike addict who, when not partaking in off-road races, participates in all the crucial aspects of the business. Employees at Motoden London are similarly bike fanatics, and they strive to ensure that your entire learning experience as a rider is a smooth one and hassle-free.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through our personal, candid and welcoming manner of approach. Undoubtedly, the long list of learners we have successfully taught over the years is enough evidence. Our business has thrived through their promotion by word of mouth. Make reservations today for your CBT test in London on our easy to access and use online platform. Allow our professional team of experts to help you qualify as a rider and find that appropriate scooter or bike that suits your needs.