New 2024 Ford Edge: Style, Specs and Pricing


In the market for midsize SUVs, the Ford Edge has been a preference for long, and the 2024 model is no different. The Ford Edge 2024 aims to deliver extra energy, comfort, and convenience for all types of drivers. The credit goes to the svelte design, durable engine options, cutting-edge technology systems, and roomy interior.

The redesigned grille, front and back fascias, and LED lighting are just a few of the upgrades to the Ford Edge 2024’s beautiful exterior. The Edge looks contemporary and confident on the road thanks to these design features. To further enhance the car’s overall sleekness, the exterior modifications also feature new headlights and a reworked bumper. You can come to Payson Ford dealer to explore all these features.

What’s the exterior design of the New Ford 2024?

A roomy and welcoming interior awaits you inside the Ford Edge 2024. The inside has a brand-new dashboard design and luxury materials throughout. With choices for heating and ventilation, the chairs are created with comfort in mind. The Ford Edge 2024’s spacious head- and legroom for rear passengers will also be appreciated.

How is the performance of the New Ford 2024?

Two potent engine options are available for the Ford Edge 2024. 250 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque are produced by the standard engine, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit. A 2.7-liter V6 engine, which is optional and offers 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, is offered for customers who want even more power.

Thanks to the eight-speed automatic gearbox, both engine choices have rapid acceleration and responsive handling.

What are some novel features of the New 2024 Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge 2024 is fully equipped with safety features. It has five-star safety ratings and cutting-edge safety technologies including adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring. Along with these features, the SUV has a 360-degree video system, parking sensors, a rearview camera, and a blind-spot monitoring system.

Features like Co-Pilot360 technology, which on specific routes allows for hands-free driving, is also a feature of the Ford Edge 2024, offering a further level of ease and safety. After the launch you can Payson Ford dealership to know about all these features more precisely.

What are the Pros of the New 2024 Ford Edge?

  1. Innovative design: The Ford Edge 2024 is a head-turning innovation on the road with a distinctive, sleek, and contemporary appearance.
  2. Durable Engine: The Ford Edge 2024 provides tremendous power and performance and offers two powerful engine options: a turbocharged four-cylinder and a V6.
  3. Outstanding Technology Technologies: The Ford Edge 2024 is equipped with a wealth of cutting-edge technological technologies, including a sizable touchscreen infotainment system and smartphone connection.
  4. Spacious Interior: The Ford Edge 2024 has a roomy interior with lots of capacity for both passengers and goods.
  5. All-Wheel Drive is an Option: The Ford Edge 2024 has all-wheel drive available for drivers who require greater traction in adverse weather or off-road situations.


The Ford Edge 2024 is an impressive vehicle all around thanks to its appealing look, strong engine choices, cutting-edge technology features, and roomy interior. If you’re searching for a new SUV that offers a balance of fashion, comfort, performance, and technology, it’s unquestionably something to think about.