Performance brakes vs regular brakes


It is undeniable that brakes form an integral part of a vehicle system, and also when used in haste or anger, degrades the functioning ability of them. The advancement of sports usage or track days has made the evolution of the high-performance brakes very crucial, with innovated disc brake pads or discs or brake rotors.

Here are listed below the key aspects for both the regular as well as performance brakes which will tell how they are different and can be advantageous in different situations.

Regular Brakes

  • Regular brake requires lesser brake torque, i.e., a lesser effort is required to put in to pull the vehicle to a halt.
  • A lot lesser heat is generated while the brakes are pulled. It is much lesser as compared to the high-performance brakes, applying the same brake torque.
  • These regular brakes are placed outside the rim of the wheel which enhances easier maintenance of the same.
  • The cooling time of regular brakes is much lesser, hence, their longevity is more if used properly.
  • Worn out brake shoes do not seem to make any impact on the functioning of these brakes.
  • If applied cautiously, there are lesser chances of brakes to fail and the vehicle to skid in wet conditions.
  • It is much safer for harsh braking circumstances.
  • These come with brake pad indicators, indicating when the brake pads are wearing down and what is the ideal time to change them.

Performance Brakes

  • These high-performance brakes provide added and guaranteed safety during conditions involving water. These brakes contain rotors that have holes in them which drains the water down and help them dry faster, eliminating the chances of skidding.
  • These rotors with holes also release the heat that arises during the functioning of the system. It also allows the cold air to stay trapped within the drilled spaces to enhance the heat dispensation. This prevents the brakes from the warp and breaks off. This system comes handy when you have a highway to travel on or numerous traffic signals to wait and stop by.
  • These high-performance rotors are designed in a way to keep things away from the tyres like dirt, water or brake dust. Without any considerable amount of debris in the system, the vehicle gains the traction it is desired to. ensure to consult you on the best system of brakes that is desirable for your vehicle, to attain both speed and safety.