Procedure Followed in Every Honda Service Department


When it comes to repairing or maintaining a Honda car, it is always recommended to the owners to trust a service center run by Honda. The reasons will be always for the owners’ welfare, since the advantages they will be assured with at any Honda service center can never be compared to that of private garages, even if they apparently seem to be much more affordable.

When we visited the Honda service department Petaluma to receive our car back after a routine maintenance for the first time, we got to the reasons without anyone having to explain to us anything.

Door Pickup Service

We all know how difficult it is to take out a daylong time from our busy schedule, to pay a visit to the service center to give our car the due maintenance jobs. So, Honda makes it easy for you. They offer the service to pick up your car from your preferred location and execute all the procedures that are to be done, just the way they would have done, had you taken your car to their service station by yourself.

Thorough Investigation

Once your Honda car is with any of the Honda service centers, you can be rest assured, that your car would not be touched or meddled with without a thorough investigation by the experienced mechanics. They will use advanced machinery to check all the parts of your car to avoid any scope for human error. Once the investigation is complete, they will give you a call on your registered customer number and let you know what and all needs to be done to keep your Honda car healthy and hearty.

Topping Up the Car Fluids

As a part of the maintenance program, the mechanics at the Honda service station will check all the fluid levels of your car, and top them up, if required. If they find any issue with the car fluids like contamination or drying, they will flush the existing and replace them with fresh ones. So, starting from the engine oil to the transmission fluid, from coolant to battery fluid, they will take care of all.

Changing the Filters

Without the filters, none of the car fluids will be able to work properly. So, the regular procedure followed at any Honda service center will be to change the filters that used to protect the car fluids. The filters that are meant to protect the car fluids from the external dust and debris wear off after performing their duties well. But if the filters are not changed at the recommended time, which is mentioned in the owner’s manual, they are most likely to wear off and become ineffective. So, at any Honda service center all these filters will be automatically changed, along with the car fluids.

Repairing the Parts

After certain time of usage, all the crucial parts of a car like the tires, engine, transmission, brakes and other parts under the hood and carriage will be susceptible to damage, because of wear and tear. At a place like the Petaluma Honda service department, all these parts will be checked and replaced with original parts to ensure your Honda car performs as good as new once you receive it back.