Quick overview of remote car starters before you buy one!


As the name suggests, remote car starters allow you to start your vehicle from a distance. You will find a wide range of remote car starters, starting from ones that look like miniature remote controls, to the ones that are key fobs. Every wireless starter or remote starter has its own pros and cons, and some may work from as much of a distance as 3,000 feet or more, and some like Tech Starter Color Remote have incredible extra features. If you want to shop for remote car starters, we have a basic overview guide that may come in handy. 

Consider the range

When it comes to remote starters, you have to be careful as how you evaluate the range, because this one aspect largely determines the price. For instance, when a product has range of 500-feet, it doesn’t mean that it will work from that kind of distance. The range is not confusing, but only makes sense in a plain field. While the range is an important factor, you want to know more about the transmitter power of the product. This is because you can actually use the starter to start your car remotely from the building, and that’s exactly what you will need on a chilly winter morning when it has snowed the whole night. 

Cheap is not always the best

That’s an aspect that car owners fail to ignore. Some of the expensive remote car starters can cost as much as $300 or more, and that’s worth paying for. Don’t be tempted to buy something that costs $50, because you may end up causing damage to your car, as these products hardly have any installation assistance. For remote car starters, professional installation is an absolute must, and no, you cannot rely on a local mechanic for that. Even if you are buying the remote car starter online, check with the seller if they offer installation help, or have a list of recommended services and vendors. Professional installation is one aspect you cannot afford to ignore, especially if you want to reap the benefits of warranty. 

Check the features

Many remote car starters come with advanced features, 2-way LED remotes and features like notification that the car has started. This is a product that works like an investment for your car, so don’t shy away from doing your homework, because you won’t be replacing the remote car starter anytime in near future.