Regular Car Wash vs Car Exterior Detailing


There is a lot of confusion between car washing and car detailing. Both the things aren’t common. However, the answer to this comparison isn’t simple at all and may require a detailed explanation. When you refer to “car wash”, the simple definition is a set where your car enters a service center and is washed by soaps, brushes and water. The drying process includes towel or a giant blow drying procedure. The end result is that car will appear clean in the first glance, but eventually it fades out.

While car detailing goes a long way towards the maintenance of your car and providing it the same new look, it had. It makes the car more pleasant to drive. Both services are done to preserve the exterior of your car. It is up to you to determine which service you want to go for according to your need, climate of your area and how often you ride.

Car wash

Car wash is done to remove dirt, debris, tar from your car’s exterior. The professionals make use of power brushes to remove external dirt, grime, with a tunnel wash which uses a non-abrasive cleaning solution. The service also comprises of an undercarriage wash, cleaning of the wheels and coat protectant.

Car wash is a quick procedure and it can be done at any drive through car wash in just 15 minutes, though a professional hand wash may take some more time. Professionals suggest that one should go for car wash every alternative week. If you are a more of a vigorous drive, then you should prefer washing it more often. A basic wash at a drive through is less, but a premium wash at the hands of professional could cost you more.

Make sure your car is well washed once it gets delivered to you.

Exterior detailing

In order to enhance the resale value of your car and to maintain its new look and lower down the depreciation it has occurred, people go for car detailing.

A car detailing is all about washing, waxing and vacuuming. It involves detailing of the external body of your car and deep cleaning. It also involves restoration of your headlights, external paint polishing, waxing and shampooing and cleaning of the engine. Car detailing may take several hours or even a day.

Most professional suggest that one should go for car detailing every 6 months or 8 months, depending on the depreciation your vehicle has experienced and the season available. It also depends on how much you use your car.

For basic detailing, you may have to spend around $100. But if you opt for comprehensive services, then you may have to spend a few hundred dollars. A lot of enhanced services include paint color correction, denting, chip repairing etc. which may cost several thousands.

So, quality costs a price and hence, you should deal with car exterior detailing Edmonton services for professional detailing. It may cost a little more but your car will be as good as new and will maintain its look and value for a longer time.