Repairing Your Car Engine that is Running Loud


When you key start your car, the engine suddenly starts making a louder sound than usual. If this is what is concerning right now, then you are not overreacting. Your car engine is in real need of help. In most of such cases, it has been observed that the underlying issue that is making the engine rumble can be something as simple as dirty spark plugs or more serious ones like a faulty muffler or a damaged catalytic converter. But in any of the case, you can’t take the risk of experimenting with a crying engine and must immediately look for a professional aid, suggest the head of the team of mechanics of the Edwards Air Force Base auto repair center.

They further added, that while sometimes some easy solutions can fix the louder engine the serious ones will lead to a much expensive repair, if left unattended.

Most Common Reasons for a Louder Engine

As mentioned earlier, there can be various reasons that are making the engine make more noise than usual, that we are listing down here:

Damaged Muffler: Over a certain period of time and usage the muffler of the car engine will start accumulating rust leading to several holes and cracks. That way it will completely fail to musk the engine noise, and so you hear a louder than normal noise, as the engine runs.

Faulty Catalytic Converter:Sometimes, if the catalytic converter of the engine fails to burn off the newly generated hydrocarbons accumulated near the exhaust, it will stop the car from running but before that it will make it sound louder than usual.

Tail Pipe Broken Down:If the tailpipe starts rotting and develop holes, it will increase the levels of noise in the car engine.

Worn Out Seals and Gaskets:After a vehicle has run for years together and crossed a certain number of miles, theseals and gaskets of the exhaust system will start wearingout causing the engine to make louder noise and also sputter some times.

Failing Oxygen Sensors: A failing oxygen sensor will tend to send wrong data, which will lead less or more amount of fuel reach the engine making it run roughly and loudly than usual.

Faulty Spark Plugs:If the spark plugs of the engine becomes dirty or faulty, it can cause the ignition system to misfire and that will make the engine to run louder.

Blocked Sensor of the Mass Airflow:Sometimesthe mass airflow sensor can dirty and get blocked which will finally result in sending wrong amount of fuel passing through the injectors, leading the engine to experience rough running with more sound coming out than normal.

Why Servicing a Louder Engine is Important

Most of the above mentioned parts are components of the exhaust system, the failure of which will not only make a vehicle engine run louder but will make it dangerous to drive as well. The exhaust fumes making way inside the vehicle cabin, will slowly contaminate the environment and suffocate the occupants while a cracked exhaust or a clogged catalytic converter can lead to more extensive and expensive repair work. So to prevent any such event, get the repair work done as soon as you hear the engine shout louder than usual recommend the mechanics of the center of auto repair Edwards Air Force Base.