Safe Car Repair During COVID-19 Pandemic: Seven Steps Mobile Mechanics in Toronto are Taking


The spread of COVID-19 has compelled experts to recommend everyone to avoid going out as much as possible. But, car owners who want to get their vehicles serviced don’t’ have to worry about this recommendation. Mobile mechanics can come to either their home or office. Also, car owners can get a quote and schedule an appointment online or over the phone.

Aside from making things easy, a Toronto Mobile Mechanic does everything possible to make sure their customers will have a positive and safe car repair experience. The best mechanics in the industry take the following steps to keep themselves, car owners, and the community safe:

Avoid Direct Contact

Mobile technicians avoid shaking hands or engaging in any kind of direct contact. This practice is meant to help keep everyone safe. Many mechanics are letting car owners leave their keys in a convenient area and make payments online without directly interacting with the mechanic.

Practice Good Hygiene

Today, washing hands regularly and practicing good hygiene is paramount. Great mobile mechanics in Toronto are doing their part by washing their hands thoroughly and frequently. Also, they take extra measures to ensure cleanliness like frequent disinfection of high-touch items.

Disinfect Automotive Tools and Equipment

Professional mechanics only use clean equipment. They disinfect any tools they use to work on your vehicle regularly to avoid a possible spread of the virus.

Disinfect Point of Sale Equipment

Mobile auto technicians keep point of sale items such as credit card readers clean at all times to spread the disease. But, many of the limit or avoid direct interaction with customers, so there is less chance for customers to have direct contact with this equipment.

Disinfect Some Parts of the Vehicle

Some parts of a vehicle, including the steering wheel and door handles are prone to human touch. Mobile technicians in Toronto may have to touch these parts many times during a repair. To ensure everything is sanitized, they use disinfectant wipes on high-touch areas.

Wear Gloves

Mobile mechanics wear gloves to keep their hands clean during auto repair. Also, their gloves help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They always wear fresh pairs of gloves for every repair job.

Stay Home when they Feel Sick

These days, staying home when one feels sick is mandatory. To prevent the spread of the disease, mobile mechanics are required to stay home if they show symptoms that mimic cold and flu such as fever, runny nose, headache, dry throat, and others.