Scrapping Your Car Advice


While our cars are always a pleasure to drive, and they hold a lot of memories, at some point they become obsolete and uneconomical to drive. They may not be suitable to be driven anymore, according to the latest regulations, and that’s why you may have to scrap your vehicle. Scrapping your car is actually a great idea if you want to dispose of your car safely, and without any worries. With that being said, it’s a very good idea to follow these guidelines below to scrap your car quickly and legally.

Find an ATF

You will need to find a scrapping company that can help with the disposal of your car. The great thing is that they will take care of the whole process for you. You do need to find a licensed ATF, as that’s how you can get rid of your car properly and legally. Make sure that they are licensed, otherwise you will be breaking the law. Also, it is important to choose an ATF that is close to you, in order to reduce any pickup and transportation costs.

Prepare Your V5C Form and ID

It’s mandatory to prove that the car you are scrapping is yours, so you do need to have the license registration form, which is also known as the V5C form. And of course, you will also need your ID to prove your identity. In case you have lost the V5C form for your car, you will have to go to the DVLA ( and replace it.

Valuing Your Vehicle

You can go to your chosen ATF, or visit their website, to get a value of your car in the current market. It all comes down to shopping around and identifying where you can actually get the best deal for your car.

Schedule the Pickup

Once you have selected an ATF to work with, you must schedule a pickup. The important thing is to stick to an ATF close to you. That’s because you are paying for the transportation, since they are deducting the money from your car’s total value. So the closer they are to your home, the better.

Getting Paid

Based on the Scrap Metal Dealers Act from 2013, you can’t get paid in cash. Instead, you will only be able to get a cheque, or you can complete this via an electronic bank transfer.

Receiving the Certificate of Destruction

Once the car is scrapped, the ATF will give you a certificate of destruction. This shows that your vehicle was recycled properly.

Reporting to the DVLA

Now that you have received the destruction certificate, to complete the process, you will need to go to the DVLA. After they get your certificate, everything is done and you can focus on getting a new car. It’s also possible to receive a road tax refund in some cases.

As you can see, scrapping your car can be a bit challenging, but it all comes down to understanding all the steps above that you need to go through. Once you do that, it will be easier to complete everything and ensure that you get the best outcome. With that being said, it’s important to find a trustworthy ATF that you can work with.